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F-Secure Suggests How You Can ‘Uncensor’ Your Facebook News Feed

Following allegations that Facebook “censors” viewpoints its employees don’t like, Finland-based cyber-security company F-Secure has suggested certain steps that people can take to “uncensor” the Facebook News Feed to give users some control over what they like to see. According to the cyber-security expert, Facebook users would never be able to control the ‘Trending’ section of the site, which the ... Read More »

Your Facebook News Feed Will Now Prioritise Friends and Family Over Publishers

HIGHLIGHTS Facebook will prioritise posts from friends and family more now It will have the option to give weight to certain friends’ posts by selecting ‘See First’ Facebook does not explicitly address Trending Topics kerfuffle Facebook on Wednesday published its “News Feed Values,” an attempt to offer a clear explanation of how it chooses the stories that appear at the ... Read More »

Facebook Says It Is Not Using Your Location to Suggest Friends

HIGHLIGHTS A report highlighted Facebook tracks location for suggestions Facebook spokesperson confirmed location is one of the factors Users can turn off Facebook’s access to location on phones Facebook users who keep their location turned on may realise that they are being offered friend suggestions based on location, claims a report. We all are familiar with Facebook’s popular “People you ... Read More »

Make Your Company More Successful With These Business-Building Techniques

Business owners who want their companies to attain optimal levels of success should know that the process won’t automatically transpire. Rather, companies experience the growth and optimized conversion rates that generate success when they consistently implement proven business-building techniques. Here are just three techniques that you can employ to accomplish this objective: 1. Update Your Broadband Services. These days, more ... Read More »

New actions Will Make Your Pebble wi-fi and Smarter

HIGHLIGHTS Pebble’s founder says the center could electricity an IoT revolution. As a small organisation, Pebble will maintain relying on Kickstarter. the brand new gadgets are still a piece in progress and won’t ship for months. there is something ironical about being past due for your meeting with the CEO and founder of aenterprise that makes smartwatches. Or perhaps it’s ... Read More »

Your telephone Loses half of Of Its price In A Month: record

London: planning to shop for a new cellphone? understand that the device may additionally lose 1/2 of its fee in a month which is even faster than your automobile, says an interesting have a look at. at the same time as automobiles normally misplaced 20 per cent in their value a 12 months after beingdriven off, cash-draining smartphones went down ... Read More »

Your cellphone Loses half Of Its price In A Month: document

London: planning to shop for a brand new smartphone? remember the fact that the tool may also losehalf of its price in a month which is even quicker than your car, says an interesting look at. whilst vehicles generally misplaced 20 in line with cent of their cost a year after being pushed off,cash-draining smartphones went down up to 65 ... Read More »

study indicates How facebook Can decide the price of your private home

Social networking systems like facebook can’t only get you greater likes, it is able to additionally affectthe charge of your property if you intend to promote one, say researchers. house prices upward push can unfold through social networks like a pandemic and your facebookbuddies will have an excessive amount of of a power on what one will pay for a ... Read More »

SkinTrack Turns Your Arm right into a Smartwatch Touchpad

A group of scientists from Carnegie Mellon college has advanced a new wearable generation which couldflip your decrease arm into a smartwatch touchpad. referred to as “SkinTrack” and evolved through the Human-laptop interplay Institute’s future Interfacesgroup, the brand new system permits for continuous contact tracking at the hands and palms. It can also hit upon touches at discrete locations on ... Read More »

fb looking to amplify ‘raise Your Biz’ Programme to Villages

Social media large fb Friday said it’s miles seeking to scale up extending “enhance Your business” programme to villages in India to help entrepreneurs in improving their commercial enterprise prospects. “we are doing a group of different initiatives catered especially to arts and crafts of India that live in villages. The undertaking before us now could be of scaling this ... Read More »