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Instructions That Shock and Awe

Sometimes standard golf cart shocks just will not do. There are times when a more heavy-duty set of springs is either needed or desired. Fortunately, the process of installing them yourself is not too difficult. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install heavy-duty springs on your shocks with the Yamaha Heavy-Duty Rear Spring Kit. 1. First, you will need ... Read More »

Sony to develop a robot that could connect Emotionally With humans

eastern tech massive Sony announced on Wednesday that it was running on developing a robot which can join emotionally with human beings, and expects to release it soon. this can mark Sony’s return to the market of synthetic intelligence (AI), robots for homes, an area theorganisation pioneered in 1999 when it launched its robot dog Aibo, which it stopped production ... Read More »

these days, it’s fb That Defines Pornography

within the 1964 case Jacobellis v. Ohio – on whether the nation of Ohio ought to ban the displaying of amovie it had deemed obscene – excellent courtroom Justice Potter Stewart famously defined hardcore pornography, a style no longer constitutionally included, with the aid of announcing: “I know it once Isee it.” The film in question, he elaborated, turned into ... Read More »

The (Very) dark aspect of live Streaming That nobody seems capable of stop

In an interview final month about facebook‘s current push into live-streaming video, chief govt Mark Zuckerberg repeats the phrase “uncooked” as though it is a few kind of sacred totem. facebook live is “uncooked and visceral,” he says. it is this “new, raw” manner to speak. Zuckerberg would not appear to realise that, in terms of on line video, “raw ... Read More »

Deep Drumpf: A Bot That Tweets Like Donald Trump

A researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a Donald Trump Twitterbot that tweets out remarkably Trump-like statements such as “I’m what IS (Islamic State) doesn’t need.” Dubbed as “Deep Drumpf”, the bot is based on an artificial-intelligence (AI) algorithm that is trained on just a few hours of transcripts of Republican presidential candidate Trump’s victory speeches and ... Read More »

Facebook Fixes Flaw That Could’ve Let Anyone Access Your Account

Facebook has awarded a sum of $15,000 (roughly Rs. 10 lakhs) to an India-born security researcher. Anand Prakash received the bug bounty from Facebook after disclosing a vulnerability in the social juggernaut’s website that enabled an attacker to gain access to anyone’s account. Prakash discovered a vulnerability on Facebook website that allowed him to change the user account password for ... Read More »

Masters 2016: Top golfing gadgets that could improve your game

US golfer Phil Mickelson tees off during the Par 3 contest prior to the start of the 80th Masters of Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club on April 6, 2016, in Augusta, Georgia. The first Major of the year is about to tee off at Augusta National and all eyes will be on the likes of Rory McIlroy , ... Read More »

7 New Tech Gadgets That Are Completely Useless

Apple Watches | Spencer Platt/Getty Images In a world where it seems like everything’s been done, it’s hard to come up with something new. This is not to say that we haven’t been impressed with some gadgets we’ve seen as of late, in fact we recently published a list of our favorite gadgets from 2015. That said, there’s been quite a few ... Read More »