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Teaching with technology

When Bill Hewitt began his teaching career in Troy, he still did most of his word processing on a typewriter, the only thing he used a telephone for was to call other people and the most technologically advanced form of communication was the fax machine. All of that has changed in Hewitt’s 24 years teaching within the Troy City Schools ... Read More »

Facebook launches Telecom Infra Project to develop better infrastructure, technology

Scaling traditional telecom infrastructure to meet this global data challenge is not moving as fast as people need it to. We know there isn’t a single solution for this, and no one company can tackle the problem alone. Driving a faster pace of innovation in telecom infrastructure is necessary to meet these new technology challenges and to unlock new opportunities ... Read More »

Is technology the answer to improve hiring?

Hiring means taking a bet on a person’s ability to do a job with the expected proficiency. Each person hired in an organization represents the belief that the person hired was the best possible choice. But how can we be sure? I have heard of many people who use only their gut to evaluate a candidate. Remember by tossing a ... Read More »

JD Institute of Fashion Technology all set to epitomise in Indian Fashion Week London 2015

      India’s multi-dimensional success had made it one of the most sought after destinations. With a networth of more than Rs 1,000 crore, India’s fashion industry is all set to grow and prosper with the passage of time. With a breakthrough in the Indian fashion world, India’s JD Institute of Fashion Technology has recently signed a Memorandum of ... Read More »

Technology With Creative Thinking Can Change Lives: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday emphasised the need to promote space technology-based tools and applications in governance and development, saying technology must be used to improve the common man’s life. He said “technology is a driving force. It has a huge impact and has solutions for numerable problems”. Addressing a special session of the national meet on promoting space ... Read More »