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Room to Read: Bringing in change through education

New Delhi: A team of 600 people spread across nine states. One vision that binds them together—bringing quality to education. Room to Read, a non-profit for children’s literacy and girls’ education with a presence across Asia and Africa, believes that to bring change in the world, it is important to educate children. The organization says the quality of education imparted in ... Read More »

Spotlight: Technovation Shows Technology in Actual Room Settings

Did you ever wish that as a buyer, you could see and experience the tech solutions that could help you run your business — in action?  Gathered in one place?  Staged in actual business settings so you could see how the technology would look and work — and not just sitting on a shelf or display stand? That’s the service that Technovation Solutions delivers ... Read More »

Nasa efficaciously Deploys space Station’s Inflatable Room

Nasa on Saturday effectively elevated and pressurized an add-on room on the worldwide space Stationdays after aborting the first attempt while it ran into issues. The flexible habitat, called the Bigelow Expandable pastime Module (BEAM), finished slowly extending 67inches (a hundred and seventy centimeters) at four:10 pm (2010 GMT) following extra than seven hours all through which astronaut Jeff Williams ... Read More »

Alienware Steam built-ineintegrated overview: A gambuilt-ing pc builtintegrated built-ingintegrated room

I laughed while the rumors started lower back built-in 2012: “Valve is built-ing a laptop–primarily basedrecreation console for built-ing rooms.” built-inintegrated it’s miles, I thought. imagbuiltintegrated myshock whilst “Steam Machbuilt-ines” turned out to be real. The built-ing promised a weird,modernintegrated controller, a Lintegratedux-based totally built-ingintegrated device designed built-inintegrated to play pc video games and integrated–home game streamintegratedg for titles that ... Read More »