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PM Modi Asks Country to Embrace Electronic and Mobile Banking

HIGHLIGHTS The PM suggested that mobile should be used for the banking purposes All statutory 4,041 urban local bodies urged to shift to e-payments Cities and towns account for 75 percent of the 40 crore urban population Giving a push for the country to go digital, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed the people, particularly the youths, to embrace ... Read More »

Overuse of Electronic Gadgets Triggers Early Ageing: Doctors

PhotoCredit:istock Excessive use of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones and tablets, can cause “tech neck” that leads to early signs of ageing, health experts have warned. According to experts, “tech neck”, which leads to sagging skin, dropping jowls, and creases above the clavicle, seriously affects facial looks of the person by causing frown lines, undereye bags, and horizontal lines on ... Read More »

Overuse of electronic gadgets Triggers Early growing old: medical doctors

HIGHLIGHTS docs say use of maximum current devices is stressful Bent-over position to use mobiles might also cause ‘tech neck’ Tech neck can cause sagging pores and skin and losing jowls excessive use of digital devices, inclusive of cell phones and pills, can reason “tech neck” that ends inearly symptoms of growing old, health professionals have warned. in step with ... Read More »

DoctorsOveruse of electronic devices Triggers Early growing older: doctors

PhotoCredit:istock excessive use of digital devices, inclusive of cellular telephones and pills, can reason “tech neck” thatleads to early signs of getting older, health professionals have warned.according to specialists, “tech neck”, which ends up in sagging pores and skin, losing jowls, and creases above the clavicle, criticallyinfluences facial looks of the individual via causing frown strains, undereye baggage, and horizontallines ... Read More »

fb Out to Play at electronic leisure Expo

facebook has come an extended manner because early days whilst “Farmville” gamers reached out to one another for help tending digital acreage. but, the leading social community became very plenty in the sport at the digital leisure Expo (E3) that ends Thursday in la. fb international video games partnerships director Leo Olebe led a group on the top-quality online gameindustry ... Read More »

RBI operating on rules to reduce Fraud in electronic Transactions

The RBI is running to put in place a regulatory framework to address purchaser grievance and liabilityproblems bobbing up out of frauds in electronic transactions, government stated Tuesday. “the problem is being further tested through the RBI to put in region a regulatory framework for addressing customer complaint and liability troubles bobbing up out of such frauds,” Minister of kingdomfor ... Read More »

big facts Breaches observed at the biggest electronic mail services: report

masses of tens of millions of hacked usernames and passwords for email money owed and otherwebsites are being traded in Russia’s criminal underworld, a protection professional told Reuters. the invention of 272.3 million stolen money owed covered a majority of customers of Mail.ru, Russia’smaximum famous e-mail service, and smaller fractions of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft electronic mailusers, stated Alex Holden, ... Read More »

How Metal Coating is used in Electronic Devices

Technologically advanced electronic devices require internal protection of many parts for durability and functionality. Metallizing some of the internal parts, such as desktop computer cases and internal computer fan components, helps keep them working longer. This extra step in production also adds longevity to the life of the device. Heat Protection Inside a computer or electronic device, heat is created ... Read More »