Some Lessons Each Type of Card in Rummy Teaches Its Players

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. The game is frequently played in most households during festivals and occasions. The Indian Rummy card game has many different types of cards that we use. Each card teaches the player something unique about life. Let us learn what each card teaches through this simple blog and understand a few lessons about life:

A Joker

Every deck contains 2 joker cards that have an image of a joker dancing or standing in a funny position. All these joker cards are used in rummy card as jokers. If there is a set or a sequence that is not complete, a joker card can be used to fill into the gap. Jokers maybe used in any sequence except the pure/natural sequence.

There are individuals like jokers in each family. They are the first ones to cheer you up or give you a good piece of advice. While they may not be able to help when there is a huge crisis, they will always be willing to provide any assistance they can in routine circumstances.

A Pulled-Out Joker

Pulled-out joker is any card randomly pulled out of the deck to play the role of a joker. The pulled-out joker maybe used to fill in the gap just like the joker in any of the sequences and sets. Apart from this, the pulled-out joker maybe used to represent its value in a pure/natural sequence.

For example, if the pulled-out joker you have in hand is 6 of hearts, it can be used in a sequence 5,6,7,8 of hearts to take its place.

A pulled-out joker is similar to a new wife in the family. She will try to fit into all the gaps and yet there are some spaces where she can’t fit in.

A Picture Card

A picture card in rummy is any card with a picture on it. The common examples of picture cards are K, Q or J of any sign. The value of all picture cards is 10 points each. The picture cards maybe used to make sequences or sets. It is unwise to store picture cards in hopes of making sequences and sets because the picture cards are high point cards. If the opponent wins, you will lose many points in the course of making picture card sequences and sets.

A picture card is similar to the luxuries in the family. If you are buying them within the permitted limits, they are assets like within sequences. Yet, if you hoard much jewellery without the knowledge of the government, it is illegal and you maybe charged a penalty for it.

A High Point Card

All high point cards need to be either used in sequences or melds. If there are extra high point cards, you need to find opportunities to dispose them. Holding on to high point cards that are not a part of sequences or melds can eventually cause you to lose the game. A good player always has a keen eye on the cards in the hand. He tries to find out ways to either accommodate or dispose high point cards so that the points in his or her hand do not increase.

In life too, there are people in households who resemble high point cards. These are spendthrift individuals who use more than they need. Such individuals need to understand that when a crisis arrives, they will be the ones to be compromised first. They need to control their expenses to avoid this eventuality.

A Low Point Card

Low point cards are cards with less points. These cards are used to make sequences and sets. If a player has too many high point cards, he may replace them with these low point cards to reduce the total points in his hands.

The low point cards are more like the basic necessities of life. If you are facing a crisis, you cut down on the luxuries and instead choose the bare necessities. Even in rummy, the same approach is followed and high point cards are replaced by low point cards so that the total points in the hand are minimum.