Social media platforms more than just escape

Social media platforms more than just escape

ALBANY — The proliferation of social media is an inseparable part of the millennial generation, given its charismatic way of drawing users in and providing answers to the unknown. Since the younger generation discovered the dynamics of this new technology, its members have been basking in its presence.

So what is it that makes these social platforms a hit?

Start with Instagram, a place where blogging is made primarily through the fingertips. Utilizing Instagram, a user can connect with socialites simply by tapping twice on a picture and making the heart symbol appear, which results in a “like” for a blogger’s post. Not only is Instagram “convenient,” it is as user friendly as Facebook or Twitter.

Liking someone’s picture on Instagram can easily turn into the beginning of a friendship or maybe even a relationship for some.

Though blogging sites are looked upon skeptically by older generations, it gives millennials freedom of expression to convey their thoughts and desired opinions. But are they dangerous? Some would say of course they are, but so is driving through a red light. It is ultimately the responsibility of the user to make respectful gestures on each platform.

Developing young adults have the advantage to show off their talents such as paintings, music, sculpting, and even trendy styles without paying to do so. There is a lot of exposure available when people project their inner talents on social media. Users can also purchase clothing, music, or artwork that the many ingenious people showcase on Instagram.

In most cases, starting a web page for influencing purposes is the start of some young adults’ careers.

The number of followers a person can generate will determine how much money he/she can make. Millennials are making money by advertising their products of choice, giving good/bad reviews about a new product on the market, or taking a picture of the product itself and posting it. With the social platforms, self-sufficiency is being taken to the next level.

While Instagram makes it easier to view someone’s life at a different angle, Twitter, on the other hand, allows one to gossip or tell about their daily lives as freely and as frequently as he or she wants.

One thing about these social dynamics is that they have no limit on how much people can post or what people can post. That can be dangerous when people say things they are not supposed to because there are so many opinions on the Twitter feed at one time.

In a 2017 article for Esquire, columnist Luke O’Neil describes this notion of speaking out as a feeling “indistinguishable from descending into madness.” But if a post or tweet is offensive or the blogger seems to be abusing his/her privileges, then his/her post can be “reported” or taken down.

As a social media fanatic, I see all sorts of media being displayed on the various sites available. Millennials use the first amendment as leverage for escaping face-to-face communication, real-life conflict and personal identity because the opportunity is now there for them. The ability to display unlimited power to voice your opinion openly makes for great late-night entertainment when you are in the bed ready to wind down.

But my generation must also understand the position we put ourselves in and be careful with the ideas and pictures that they post. Although posting may be fun, it can definitely lead to some unwanted conversations with your potential boss.