Sensible Tech: Android Apps and Gadgets for a Smarter Smartphone

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If you have just got your first Android smartphone, you have entered a wonderland of apps and gadgets. Some of these will drive you crazy, but others will become indispensable for your lifestyle. Google provides a number of excellent apps as standard with the Android system, but soon you might find yourself wanting something a bit more stylish. Take a look at the great range of software and hardware that you will never regret.

Out and About

Not all cars feature hands-free use for phones, and not all drivers want to use them. So set your phone to automatically respond to calls and texts with a recorded message when you are moving, and to read texts for you, so that you can decide if they are important.

Are you forever losing your keys? Attach a key finder tag to them and your phone will locate them in moments. Some work the other way round also—click on the tag and your phone will ring to advertise its presence.

Your phone is fitted with GPS, so you can use it for all your navigation, whether in the car or on foot. You won’t always have a data connection, so download open source maps to use offline with one of the excellent free apps.

Health & Safety

Fitness gurus tell us the best way to keep healthy is to walk 10,000 steps a day. Keep track of your steps with a simple pedometer app from the Google Play Store.

Take it to the next level and buy a bracelet to attach to your arm to record all sorts of vital information like heart rate and respiration. You can wear one all day or just put it on when you want to exercise. With your phone, it can check how your exercise regime is progressing.

Daily Living

There are so many apps you can use to make life easier. Android comes with a basic alarm clock, but it is much more fun to use the versatile alarm clock app by Apalon Apps. Wake up to your choice of music and instantly check the weather for the day. It can also soothe you into sleep.

Use your phone to pay for smaller purchases in many outlets. Activate your phone to use with Android Pay and just tap it on the receiver.

If you have times when you don’t want to be disturbed except by certain chosen people, such as when you are asleep or in a meeting, download an app that will check your diary and remember when to turn off (and when to turn on again) so that you don’t have to.

Dive In

There are literally thousands of apps and devices that will work with your Android smartphone to make life more convenient, more informative, and more fun. No matter how far you look, you will only be scratching the surface of what is available. Enjoy the treasure trove that is the world of apps.

Billy Lawrence writes tech related articles for a growing number of geeky/tech related websites. He writes reviews, shares tips and step-by-step help amongst other things.