New Sephora Chatbot Aids Customers in Finding the Right Beauty Products

Sephora's Virtual Artist app is giving customers a chance to see how makeup and other cosmetics will look on them with the help of a chatbot.

Trying a new lipstick or make up on your face is so yesterday! A new chatbot from Sephora Virtual Artist powered by Modiface will let you see every imaginable color combination without ever touching your face.

This type of collaboration for product discovery using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a first for a large retailer. With this new application, Sephora can connect and interact with its customers in a new way. From now on, Sephora customers can virtually try-on actual lipsticks, glosses, shadows, mascara and foundation products on their own photograph, without setting foot in a store.

The Modiface patented technology has been integrated with Sephora Virtual Artist to analyze a picture taken by a camera or smartphone. After it analyzes the image, the chatbot can find relevant products based on the user’s selection.

Modiface is a technology based on automatic face analysis research that started at Stanford University in 1999. Today it is used by dermatologists, dentists, hairstylists, make-up artists, nail salons and consumers to see how they will look without actually undergoing any procedure or style change.

A Look at How Sephora’s Virtual Artist App Works

The Mirror device is its augmented-reality technology that shows makeup, hair, skin, and anti-aging changes in LIVE 3D.

The use of AI and chatbots is not reserved for large retailers like Sephora. Small businesses can use this technology to engage with their customers for a more personalized experience.

Huge corporations aren’t the only businsses that benefit from using chatbots. There are numerous ways a small business can benefit from using chatbots. You can deploy your own chatbots to boost your small business strategy and add to your overall marketing mix. The bots you create can be used as a consumer resource, streamline sales, influence buying decisions, answer customer queries, boost social media engagement, and simplify payment.

You can try the Sephora Virtual Artist right here.