Mixpanel: iOS 12 adoption rate reaches 75%

The adoption rate of iOS 12 kept increasing at a steady pace, and yesterday it surpassed the threshold of 75%. For comparison, iOS 11 reached the same percentage on December 17, which is about three weeks slower.

Data also revealed that one of every 20 iDevices devices is still on versions prior to iOS 11, and most of them are highly unlikely to switch since they are older models in general.

iOS 12 vs iOS 11 vs Older iOS
iOS 12 vs iOS 11 vs Older iOS

Back in the first half of October, Apple boasted that half of the devices switched to iOS 12 just 30 days after the official launch. The faster adoption rate of the newest OS is mostly due to the somehwat disappointing software quality of iOS 11 and lack of significant bugs in this year’s version.

Apple also executed better on shipping promises for fixes. AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud did not arrive right until iOS 12 was announced back at WWDC. In contrast, Group FaceTime was missing from iOS 12 but came immediately with iOS 12.1.