iPhone 8 could be called iPhone Pro; launch in September

iPhone 8 could be called iPhone Pro; launch in September

Rod Hall, a renowned analyst from J.P. Morgan has something to say about the iPhone. Contrary to the recent reports, he thinks that the iPhone 8 will be launched on time. So going by his claims we will get to see the device in September.

However, initially, it will be available only in limited quantities. Interestingly, he believes that Apple’s next iPhone will be called iPhone Pro instead of iPhone 8. He has further predicted that the iPhone 8 would carry a price tag of $1,100. While the analyst has not provided us with any pieces of evidence for his claims, we can’t just deny the possibility of them coming true.

Having said that, we must mention that there have been many speculations made about the launch timeline of the iPhone 8. So unless we get a confirmation from Apple itself, you should take this information with a pinch of salt.

Talking about the previous reports, most of them suggest that the iPhone 8’s launch would get delayed due to some production issues faced by the OEMs. Other than facing some problems to employ the OLED panels, some issues centering wireless charging and the 3D front camera have also emerged.

While there are no hardware related issues, some software issues are making Apple employees go all panicky. Besides this, the company reportedly is still trying to find a way to embed the fingerprint scanner under the display, but it has not received a positive result.