How to Spot a First-time Player in Rummy?

If you know how to play rummy like an expert, you may remember the days when you were new at the game. You might have played a few numbers of games before getting a hang of the skills and tricks involved. You could have also made a few mistakes in playing turns, or not understood the techniques required for grabbing a win. Now that you have the required skill-set, spotting first-time players will not be that difficult, if you pay attention at their game-play.

So below, we have discussed how you can spot a first-time player of rummy.

  1. Takes a While Longer to Make a Move

Those who do not have much experience of playing a rummy game may take longer to play their turn. This is because, it takes time to analyze a move, and decide which card to pick or discard. If a player takes a while longer at every turn, then it may indicate the person is either confused about his rummy hand, or is not a pro at the game.

  1. Discards the Cards the Opponents Need

One of the tricks to play rummy online is to trick the opponents. Once you become aware of the card the rival needs, you hold on to it. But an inexperienced player will not understand the complexities behind retaining a card. Even if it is evident that the rival requires a certain card, such a raw player will discard the very card the opponent can use to make a sequence or set.

  1. Picks Cards Randomly from the Open Pile

It is best to not pick rummy cards from an open pile, since every player in the game can see the discarded card. You may however pick a card from the open pile if it is useful in forming a sequence or a set. However, first-time players may pick cards randomly from the open pile. They will not understand that by doing so, they are revealing the cards in their hand and the ones they require.

  1. Is Unaware About the Use of Jokers

The trick for a win is following the rummy rules and using the Joker cards wisely. Joke cards can be used to replace a missing card needed to make a sequence or a set. A Joker is usually never used by pro-players to make a natural run, but it is used to form a set or an impure sequence. Moreover, no one discards a Joker until and unless it disrupts their chances of making a pure sequence. A first-time player may mistakenly discard Joker that too quite often.

  1. Does Not Understand Tricks of Rummy

Those who are playing rummy for the first-time may be unaware of all the tricks of the game. They tend to drop the game in between and end up losing more points. They may discard too many related cards, which could have actually helped them make a pure sequence. If you come across any such player, you can advice them to play practice games of online rummy until they master the techniques.

  1. Makes a Wrong Declare

To make a valid declare, a person must have all the necessary sets and sequence. On making a wrong declare, the player will be abandoned from Indian rummy, and the next best competitor will be declared as a winner. If you come across players who make a wrong declare often, then it could be a sign that the opponent is not much experienced in the card game.

  1. Enters Tournaments But Cannot Survive for Long

Those who play often always participate in tournaments, because these games require players to have a high skill-set and complete knowledge of the game. This is why one should download rummy app and practice games to hone skills. Players who do not have much practice in playing even the regular games are at greater risk of losing the very first round, in just a few turns.

Because they compete against experts, and have no idea how to form a valid hand in minimal time, they may end up losing more number of tourneys, than experts. They may not know how to earn money by playing games of rummy and spend maximum chips on the game, earning most often, the lowest rank.

So while playing an online rummy game, keep an eye for first-time players. It is easier to compete against them and secure a win.