High school ‘shooter’ showed off assault rifle on social media

High school ‘shooter’ showed off assault rifle on social media

The troubled teen who allegedly killed one student when he opened fire inside a Spokane high school, loved “Breaking Bad,” and posted videos of himself brandishing guns and simulating shootings on YouTube, according to a new report.rt.

Spokane Country Sherriff’s Office deputies arrested Caleb Sharpe, 15, following Wednesday’s shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, Wash., the Spokesman Review reported.

The alleged shooter was known for his antics on his since-shut-down YouTube channel, where he play-acted violent scenes in videos under the name Mongo Walker.

“We knew he had an assault rifle, because he uses it in his YouTube videos,” said Paul Fricke, a junior.

In one of his apparent videos uploaded to a different channel, Sharpe and his friend play act out an outdoor shootout, with the pal crouching in a Jacuzzi and the alleged shooter aiming from the side of a garage.

Sharpe pretends to shoot his friend who flails his arms and then falls to the ground. “Ah crap,” Sharpe says.

In another video, Sharpe and a friend act out a quest to take out a fictitious drug dealer while brandishing guns, one which appears to be real. And a video from last Halloween shows Sharpe shooting a friend with a toy gun as the friend exclaims, “Ow!” the outlet reported.

Numerous students and witnesses to the attack identified the shooter as Sharpe, who they say rode a bus to school with two guns stashed in a duffel bag before opening fire outside a biology classroom, fatally shooting one boy, Sam Strahan, who tried to stop the rampage, and injuring three teen girls.