Getting Ready for the Great American Solar Eclipse

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We are just a few weeks away from the greatest astronomical show ever. The total solar eclipse that is going to occur on 21 August 2017 would be darkening the skies all across the vast continental US. Have you planned for it?

If you still do not have any concrete plans in your hand, it is a good idea to start planning now. If you are going to watch the mega event, you must have a plan of action. You need to consider about the traveling, lodging, and even the eclipse-watching safety gear. Here are a few things you must consider to avoid a flop experience. These are tips from expert eclipse chasers.

Be On the Path of Totality

You need to be at the heart of the action. It is highly recommended that you plan to be on the path of totality on 21 August 2017 if you are planning to enjoy observing the total solar eclipse. Make this rare event, the most memorable event of your life and so do not compromise and settle for a partial eclipse that could be easily visible from almost the whole of North America. Getting to the centerline is the key. Those who would be viewing the solar eclipse from the path of the totality, it would be a completely different experience from the others. It is going to be far more spectacular and amazing than even a 99.99 % partial solar eclipse. Nothing could match the experience of watching from the centerline. So, finalize your travel plans and head towards your destination on the grand finale. This is a golden opportunity that you must not miss.

Get Mentally Prepared for Terrible Traffic Snarls

About 12 million people are estimated to be living along the path of totality. Moreover, approximately, 25 million people are known to live just one day’s drive away. People from practically all over the USA would be heading towards the centerline for the never before experience, the grand celestial event called the Great American Solar Eclipse. There is bound to be a major traffic dislocation. The state departments of police and transportation are anticipating the hurricane-evacuation type of heavy traffic. Consider seeking lodging a day before or think in terms of few more hours while driving. Obviously, you would not like getting stuck and viewing partial eclipse while in a traffic snarl.

Finalize Your Travel Plans

Chalk out a precise travel plan from now only. You must get your hotel reservations as soon as possible as campgrounds and hotels are already filling up for the celestial grandeur. Try looking for an accommodation close to the scene of action. You may consider a hotel just a little away from the centerline to avail affordable rates.


Get ready for the big event. Remember to protect your eyes. Wear protective eye gear and enjoy the grand celestial show. Follow these tips and plan well in advance to make your eclipse-viewing experience a truly memorable one!

Author bio: Jonathan Steele is a veteran sky watcher. He has a passion for astronomy and is an avid blogger. His blog posts currently are all about the Great American Solar Eclipse. He is sharing facts, tips, and important info with his readers.