VW developing new technology to integrate flat batteries in cars

A file photo of Volkswagen’s electric car e-Up!. VW is also creating a new business segment called “New Volkswagen” to bundle development of digital features for connected vehicles and related mobility services. Photo: AFP Frankfurt: Volkswagen AG is preparing to integrate flat batteries into future cars as the German manufacturer plans to boost its electric-vehicle lineup following its emissions manipulation ... Read More »

iPhone 6s Teardown Shows Off Smaller Battery and More

The new iPhone is here, and so is its merciless, heartbreaking, and yet insightful teardown. Professional gadget breakers at iFixit have cracked open the iPhone 6s to provide detailed information about the internal components that keep Apple’s newest smartphone ticking. Apple is no fan of hardware specifications so it usually keeps such talks to a minimum — and in many ... Read More »

Nasa Seeks Student Ideas to Land Manned Probe on Mars

The US space agency is seeking innovative ideas from students for generating a novel technology that can help land heavy manned spacecrafts safely and swiftly on the surface of Red Planet. Called inflatable spacecraft heat shields or hypersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator (HIAD) technology, this will generate a new class of relatively lightweight deployable aeroshells that can safely deliver more than ... Read More »

Isro to Focus on Low-Cost Access to Space, Says Chairman

Indian Space Research Organisation is moving forward with the development of heavy lift launchers and reusable launch vehicles with its main focus being the low cost access to space, its chairman A S Kiran Kumar said here on Saturday. “Isro is developing heavy lift launchers, reusable launch vehicles, cryogenic engines and is mainly concentrating on low cost access to space,” ... Read More »

Pluto Seen in Stunning New Images From Nasa’s New Horizons Probe

A near-sunset view of the rugged, icy mountains and flat ice plains extending to Pluto’s horizon covering 1,250 km area has left scientists stunned as it has a familiar arctic look like we see on Earth. The latest images, taken by Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft, show breathtaking views of Pluto’s majestic icy mountains, streams of frozen nitrogen and haunting low-lying ... Read More »

Scientists Use Sound Waves to Control Brain Cells

In a first, an Indian American researcher from Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California has developed a new way to selectively activate brain, heart, muscle and other cells using ultrasonic sound waves. Dubbed as sonogenetics, the new technique has some similarities to the burgeoning use of light to activate cells in order to better understand the brain. “Light-based techniques ... Read More »

‘Funky Light Signal’ From Colliding Black Holes Explained

Using data from Nasa’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and Hubble Space Telescope, researchers have confirmed for the first time the existence of two merging black holes that are sending an odd light signal. Entangled by gravity and destined to merge, two candidate black holes in a distant galaxy are expected to collide and merge in less than a million years, ... Read More »

Nasa Project to Bring Mars Rocks Back to Earth Envisioned for 2022

An ambitious project that aims to bring rock samples from Mars – collected by Nasa’s 2020 Mars rover – to Earth to find out traces of ancient life on the Red Planet can be launched as early as 2022, reported, citing Nasa officials. Called the “Red Dragon” project, the mission will use the Dragon cargo capsule from US aerospace ... Read More »

3D-Printed Shelter Designed for Astronauts on Mars

A French firm has designed a conceptual shelter for future astronauts on Mars that would be 3D-printed on the red planet using locally-available materials. Resembling an igloo from the surface, the shelter, dubbed Sfero, would be partially buried beneath the ground. Access to the shelter would be gained by its one long corridor, which contains an airlock. The interior comprises ... Read More »

Origin of Saturn’s F Ring and Its Shepherd Satellites Revealed: Study

Japanese researchers have revealed that Saturn’s F ring and its shepherd satellites are natural outcome of the final stage of formation of Saturn’s satellite system. According to the latest satellite formation theory, Saturn used to have ancient rings containing many more particles than they do today, and satellites formed from spreading and accretion of these particles. During the final stage ... Read More »