Is technology the answer to improve hiring?

Hiring means taking a bet on a person’s ability to do a job with the expected proficiency. Each person hired in an organization represents the belief that the person hired was the best possible choice. But how can we be sure? I have heard of many people who use only their gut to evaluate a candidate. Remember by tossing a ... Read More »

Union Budget 2016: Here’s what technology sector seeks from Arun Jaitley

Considering the growing e-commerce industries and increasing numbers of entrepreneurs in India, the Union Budget 2016 is expected to announce more fund and ways to invite investments to upgrade technology infrastructure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government has announced ambitious projects like ‘Make In India’, ‘Start-up India’ and ‘Digital India’ and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley won’t ignore them while presenting Union ... Read More »

The 4D Technology Is Revolutionizing Engineering!!

Under such developments, one massive shift in the technology has been introduction of ‘4D Printing’. The concept of 4D technology was first introduced by a research team Led by Skylar Tibbits, Self-Assembly Lab Director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the firms Stratasys and Autodesk Inc. The 4D technology came into existence as an advanced step to 3D technology when ... Read More »

Rules need to catch up with technology to protect privacy: Microsoft

Expressing concern over increasing intervention by governments to access consumer data, software giant Microsoft today said regulations need to keep pace with rapidly changing technology to secure and protect privacy of individuals. Microsoft, like its peers Google, Apple and Facebook, has been strongly advocating for protecting security of customers and their information. “Governments have a fundamentally important role in striking ... Read More »

Volvo cars all set to launch keyless car technology in 2017

Volvo, the Swedish luxury carmaker, today announced to bring the world’s first car without keys from 2017. The company will offer a mobile application to all its customers to replace the physical key with a digital key. The new Bluetooth-enabled digital key will allow customer’s to perform everything that a physical key currently does such as locking or unlocking doors ... Read More »

How companies are using technology to boost the customer experience

When used correctly, technology can make customers’ lives much easier and happier – and that’s great news for your business. Whether it’s creating an app that gives customers real-time information or offering different ways for customers to make a transaction, companies are experimenting with various technologies to boost the overall customer experience, both in-store and through mobile. Here are five ... Read More »

Clever Buoy’ Shark Detection Technology Tested At Australia’s Bondi Beach

“Clever Buoy,” as the shark warning system has been called, is a joint research project led by Perth, Australia-based Shark Mitigation Systems, Optus and Google. The creation of these buoys follows heightened concerns about shark attacks along the Australian east coast. In 2015 there were 18 attacks in Australia – the most since 2009, when there were 22. A sonar emitter, ... Read More »

English-speaking Asian Americans stand out for their technology use

Discussions of the “digital divide” often touch on race and ethnicity – and the narrative is often that whites lead in technology adoption while other racial or ethnic groups struggle to keep up. But a new analysis of four Pew Research Center surveys conducted in 2015 finds that this isn’t true for one group: English-speaking Asian Americans adopt a number of ... Read More »

Eight Strategies To Future-Proof Your Technology

The technology landscape is constantly changing; ensuring that the work your technology department does today will not require a complete overhaul a year from now is a more complex task than ever before. Apart from strict documentation and frequent updates, there are a few strategies developers and technology leaders can take to better future–proof their design and engineering work. Here, members of ... Read More »

New technology to bring high speed internet to every home

Scientists have developed a new technology that could help connect every household to very high speed internet at lower costs. The innovative technology will help address the challenges of providing households with high bandwidths while future proofing infrastructure against the exponentially growing demand for data, researchers said. While major advances have been made in core optical fibre networks, they often ... Read More »