The Top 3 Reasons to Implement Restaurant Technology

The typical consumer might think that restaurant success is all about the amazing and mouth watering food. But increasingly, owners and decision makers in restaurants are looking to restaurant technology as part of the success recipe. Why Implement Technology in Restaurants? According to a recent American Express survey, restaurant owners and decision makers give three reasons to implement restaurant technology.  And it’s ... Read More »

Here’s the Truth on Unlimited Data Plans

Cell phone carriers are going all in on unlimited data. T-Mobile ditched its data packages in favor of a single unlimited plan. Sprint slashed the price of its own unlimited plan, making it one of the carrier’s cheapest options. And Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile and MetroPCS now offer prepaid unlimited data at bargain prices. But most smartphone users would be ... Read More »

60 Percent of Online Traffic Now Comes From Mobile

If your business depends upon online traffic, you should know. More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. A comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent a year ago. And 51 percent of that traffic is driven by mobile ... Read More »

The Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the people on your holiday gift list, you might consider purchasing some new tech gadgets. There are plenty of different items available with varying price tags and functionality. Here are some gadget gifts to consider for any tech geeks on your gift list. Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 Pocket VR For ... Read More »

Juice Your Apple Devices with this Fun Juice Box Charger

What’s the best way to give your iPhone some battery life? With the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, of course. This compact backup battery pack is a charming and playful way to charge your USB-powered devices. Created by and sold on Photojojo!, it is designed to look like an apple juice box, making it the perfect accessory for ... Read More »

8 Innovative Devices, Gadgets and More for Small Business

When you’re on the road, whether locally or internationally, sometimes you just need that little device, gadget or thingamajig to make your work life easier.  These tools are not just for road warriors, but for anyone who appreciates elegant lifehacks. Here are eight of my favorites: Breffo spiders are absolutely amazing. Simple, but super cool. You can mold one into ... Read More »

Snapchat Spectacles Launched; Company Name Changed to Snap Inc.

Snapchat Spectacles Launched; Company Name Changed to Snap Inc. HIGHLIGHTS Snapchat, the app, will remain Snapchat The snaps from Spectacles can transfer to your Snapchat memories They will cost $129.99 when they go on sale later this fall Snapchat announced overnight Friday that it is going to start selling sunglasses with cameras in them – they’re called Spectacles – and ... Read More »

Giphy Cam Now Available for Android; iOS App Update Brings Live Photos Import and More

HIGHLIGHTS App allows you to create gif images using your phone’s camera Giphy Cam updated to version 2.5.1 on iOS There are 40 overlays and effects available in the app Giphy’s website is a blessing to all those who like to use gif images on social media networking platforms. They provide an alternative form of communication and often produce hilarious ... Read More »

Microsoft Targets Apple Customers With New Computer (Watch)

Microsoft’s Surface Studio Is Built For Creativity College Costs Are On The Rise, And Financial Aid Can’t Keep Up Self-Driving Beer Trucks Are The Wave Of The Future A Computer Glitch Likely Crashed A Robot On Mars Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is going after Apple’s customers with its new desktop computer. The Surface Studio is the first desktop computer from Microsoft. And ... Read More »

Impact of Wireless Technology in the Workplace

Business processes have changed dramatically over the years. Owing to the evolution of technology and changing customer expectations, businesses have devised and revised strategies to meet the requirements. Nowadays, businesses are equipped with the best technologies to make the processes smoother and easier. Emerging technologies are substantially altering the business and social environment. Wireless technology has become a crucial component ... Read More »