Easy Fix for Your Credit Score

During your lifetime, you can lose some hundreds to thousands of dollars to a bad credit score; it will cost you some serious cash! Bad credit score means higher interest rates for a loan and higher insurance premiums that will mount over the years. Bad credits can stop you from achieving major life goals, like buying a house, taking a ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

Selling your old house? Planning to remodel your house? A house truly belongs to you not when you sign the bond, but only after you customize it to your exclusive lifestyle. You need not rely on a handyman every time for altering or improving your home. Whether you’re planning to sell your house, or want to alter it to your ... Read More »

Travel More, Pay less with these coupons!

Cleartrip Pvt. Ltd.  is travel company which provides online booking services for train tickets, flights, hotel reservations and domestic and international holiday packages. Goibibo is an online traveler aggregator, headquartered at Gurgoan, formed as a part of ibibo in 2009. Cleartrip and Goibibo offer an option to book for numerous hotels and flights around the globe. Cleartrip and Goibibo coupons make ... Read More »

Mukesh Ambani Plans to Make Reliance Jio-Related Announcement Today

HIGHLIGHTS RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani is making an announcement about Jio It will be streamed live online so you can watch as it unfolds Speculation that he will announce an extension of the Jio Welcome offer The launch of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio in India earlier this year brought huge disruption to the industry, as its rock-bottom ... Read More »

Globally Acclaimed LAN and its Perks

In today’s scenario, the internet plays a vital role in our daily lives. The internet enables us to sail through with the least hassles. Gone are the days when distant communications happened only with letters exchanged using birds. These days’, games are played in platforms, such as computers and cell phones, rather indulging in outdoor activities. Technological advancements have given ... Read More »

Here Are Some Last Minute Facebook Advertising Tips for the Holidays

Publisher Channel Content by HigherVisibility If you haven’t been working on your holiday advertising game plan since September, you’re actually late to the party. Many successful marketers start holiday-specific advertising early in the fall to get exposure among users and influence consumer shopping early on, especially on Facebook. In fact, I can recall seeing gift-giving, holiday-related advertisements on Facebook as ... Read More »

30 Hot Trends in Millennial Fashion for the Office This Winter

Looking to update your work wardrobe for the upcoming winter season? There are plenty of great options out there for trendy office fashion that’s both comfortable and professional. This winter, you can see many classic trends like blazers, fitted pants and pencil skirts updated in new and unique ways. And you can also see some more trendy items that can ... Read More »

Can You Spot a Fake Customer Review of Your Business?

We all know that companies would prefer to have only good reviews, and that company performance is largely motivated by obtaining such feedback because it helps businesses thrive. Reviews play an important role, as reports that 85 percent of consumers read them to determine whether or not local businesses are good or not. However, many people don’t realize just ... Read More »

9 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps for Small Business

Customer relationship management has always felt like the wrong term to me. You don’t “manage” customers. You don’t “manage” your relationship with a customer. You might nurture it. You might encourage it. You would strive to strengthen it. But manage? No. However, I understand what a company is aiming for when they say it, and the term has stuck for ... Read More »

Better Business Bureau Reviews, LinkedIn Apps and More

It’s the end of another week. What are you missing that can make your business better? One thing may be that all-important news and information to help you grow your business in the future…and maybe make important decisions just around the corner. No worries. The Small Business Trends editorial team is here to help. And we’ve whipped up this review ... Read More »