Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

If you find yourself struggling with “What should I write in my tech blog?”, don’t worry. You’re in the right place because I’ll talk about the best i

If you find yourself struggling with “What should I write in my tech blog?”, don’t worry. You’re in the right place because I’ll talk about the best it blogging topics.

One rising type of blog is the IT Blog or the Technology Blog or the Tech Blog – whatever you want to call it. The idea remains the same: the revolve around technology subjects such as programming, software, hardware, smartphones, accessories etc.

The biggest tech blogs aren’t owned by bloggers, but by companies. Bloggers that are successful in tech are now vloggers because it’s easier for them to create content for YouTube.

Performing well on YouTube involves some things that you have to do, and if you want to learn more about creating videos for YouTube, head over to our YouTube category.

Coming back to technology blogs, I would say that you, as a sole blogger, can attract a big audience, because people like to be informed. Let’s say you’re focusing only on tech products. The current buying process involves many more steps that it used to; and it all changed in the first part, where people are trying to gather as much information as they can, before deciding to see the product in a shop or to buy it directly.

Your opinion can be the decisive last-read that someone does before purchasing a product. So be present, give your honest opinions.

Of course, tech blogs are just about unboxing products and reviews. If you find yourself struggling in finding blog article ideas, then read on and find out some of the best IT blogging topics that you can write about.

But first of all, let’s see how should a tech blog article look like. If you’re here looking for information on how to start a blog, a tech one to be more exact, then you’re welcome! If you’re here because you’re trying to find other ideas to write about in your tech blog, you’re welcome as well.

Best IT Blogging Topics

As we live in a world that is constantly changing and developing when it comes to technology, writing blog articles based on trends will surely be a great idea.

Not to mention that you can write about the trends found in various domains like:

  • apps;
  • games;
  • devices;
  • software;
  • programming languages;
  • tools;
  • online platforms;
  • and many others.

For this particular kind of topic you’d have to be constantly informed; read all the new articles; go on Google Trends to see what’s…trending. Follow the big players in the field of technology blogs, and dig the news. Choose the best ideas and try to test them out before you write about them

I always said that it’s best to write about things you know, to write based on your own experience. Of course, we are not born “know-it-all”s so you constantly have to be open to learning about new things.

Trends is a subject that means you’d have to learn about things because there might be things that are 100% new. You’d have to move quickly and learn about them, in order to be able to write some blog articles.

In case you have to write about something that is new to you, try to find as much information as you can; write your article including syntagmas like “in my opinion”, “I think that” etc. You can even state from the beginning that you’re covering a subject that is fairly new to you. In this way, people won’t say “Hey, you wrote that – why it’s not happening?” or something similar. After all, we are all humans and we are entitled to personal opinions and mistakes as well.

In the situation when there’s a new trend that you actually know about, try to find as much information as you can. Scan the Internet for opinions on why is this a trend now. Search through the history and see if that particular trend has had attention in the past or not. Think ahead and try to predict its future existence.

P.S. Two other way to keep up with trends is to follow big tech conferences (one big one is Web Summit) or to follow some TED tech talks.


AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence (but I’m sure you knew that) can actually be placed under the Trends section. I chose to separate them because I think it gained some big popularity over the last 2 years, and you can easily find lots of sub-subjects to write about.

It can also be a sensitive subject, thus here I am, making a whole section only about it.

Out of this subject, you can come up with lots of new ideas. You can start with blog posts where you offer your opinion on this matter, Artificial Intelligence:

  • How do you think it will impact the common person’s life?
  • What do you think the future will look like?
  • Will the world be a better place or not?

Ask yourself questions, read everything that involves AI, and try to understand the good an the bad. Present all that you’ve found out in an objective style (not referring to the articles where you’re clearly stating that you’re sharing your opinion). In this way, you’ll attract both audiences: the pros, and the cons. And this is a thing that can be applied to whatever type of content you’re delivering.

Write your blog articles in an objective way. You’ll attract both the pros and the cons, hence you’ll benefit from the whole audience.


This type of tech blog is one of the most reachable, fun and vast. There are TONS of products that can be reviewed, so why not include them in your technology blog?

Start by making a list of all the devices you own. They will be a great start in reviewing products because you have been using them for quite some time and you know exactly what you like and what you don’t like about them.

In case you have lots of things to say about a product, you can split the review into two articles: one that focuses on the benefits, and one that focuses on the things that are not so great. Otherwise, a full review should include both pro and con arguments.

After you’ve pointed out your arguments for all of your devices, there are always friends and family that can help you. Ask them about what products do they own, and ask them about their opinions.

Here’s a checklist of what a good tech review article should include:

  • a description of the product – the domain of use, manufacturer, models, colors etc;
  • some history (optional) – when it was released, how did people embrace it;
  • price – maybe even some price history if you happen to know;
  • who should buy/use it?;
  • benefits of using it;
  • arguments of not using it;
  • representative photos (throughout the entire article);
  • conclusion.

Use the above checklist everytime you want to write a review about a device (or any product), and you’ll see it will be way easier to write it.

Oh, and not to mention that you can also write reviews about apps and other online tools that you or your friends are using. What apps does a tech guy/girl use? You can even create a list and present it as best mobile apps for an IT guy/girl.


Similar to product reviews, tutorials are quite offering. Most tutorials now are created as videos and uploaded on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write them down.

The IT domain is pretty vast, so there is a big number of Tutorials that you can tackle. Here is a list of tutorial ideas for your technology blog:

  1. Apps – this can be divided into mobile apps and online tools. Either way, I’m sure that you’re using at least 5 more apps besides the social media ones. They can be for editing photos, for emails, project management, organizing, reminders etc. You’ve already written reviews for them, now it’s time to show people how to use them or how are you using them;
  2. Software – maybe you’re using some software that is not that popular or that is not for beginners. Maybe you’ve discovered a new way to use them. Or you can search on Quora or Reddit and see if people are struggling with tasks done with a particular software. For examples, a beginner photographer might not know how to edit a photo in PhotoShop;
  3. Programming languages – show people how to use them using real examples like styling a web page with CSS. These type of tech tutorial articles might be more demanding than the others, but they are for sure appreciated. If you have a lot of things to show for just one tutorial, split it into multiple tutorials. You can even create a so-called “Lesson Time” where you teach your readers, weekly (or monthly, or daily etc.), how to use various programming languages.

Pay attention to use only licensed software and apps, so that you won’t have problems.

Also, you can pair these tutorials with a YouTube account; you can then add parts of your videos into your blog articles, just to help your readers understand them easier.


Yes, you’d have to actually know something about this. Whatever you know, even if it’s about the easiest language, show people how and where you use this language. I’m sure there are people out there that will be blown away by you.

Here are a couple of programming languages you could tackle in your programming blog articles:

PHP – this is a general-purpose scripting language known for its steep learning curve. It is very beginner-friendly, and on top of that it backs a large chunk of all the website out there (does WordPress sounds familiar?)

Python – certainly this one is considered a more “grown-up” programming language than the above-mentioned PHP. It is fairly popular hence its usage in web-development. Furthermore, it is one of the popular choices across universities. This is because of the language friendliness when it comes to mathematical algorithms and machine learning.

Rust / Elixir – If you feel fancy and you want to impress your reads, you can’t go wrong by writing about of the “cool kids of the block”. New programming languages emerge every day and it is not unusual for a new technology to take the entire community by surprise. Even though Rust or Elixir are still tackling the same issues, their original approach when it comes to solving problems becomes appealing to a lot of potential users. This is because of their simplicity and effectiveness.

JavaScript + CSS + HTML – This is the “holy trinity” of the front-end development. You can’t go wrong with topics such as these since all programmers need to know about these technologies to some extent. Due to their massive popularity, there is an entire community dedicated to improving the front end space, while also a large number of potential newbies are joining in each day. Therefore, you’ll have both new topics and new potential readers on a regular basis. Big win!

If you are not really into a programming language, don’t despair! The programming world offers a variety of other subjects for you to consider.

Tightly linked to programming you’ll find databases and a big data analysis, both subjects of immense interest in the IT community. Of course that all your Facebook Messages and Snapchat Pictures have to be stored somewhere. Furthermore, all this data has to be analyzed and computed in order for the companies to be able to deliver you the best ads possible.

In all seriousness, data is a big subject you should consider for your tech blog since it will reveal an entirely new target audience which is always interested in finding what’s new in this space.


Even though tech people are kind of introverts – they have their own cave where they constantly work on their laptop or computer – they sometimes have to socialize and mingle. Joking aside, there are lots of IT persons that go to Tech Conferences just to see what’s happening, to make new connections, to learn something new.

Tech conferences can be International, National or city based. No matter their location or theme, they can be a source of inspiration.

One of the best IT blogging topics is to try and find as many conferences as you can and present them as a List of Tech Conferences you should go to.

It would be marvelous if you would be able to actually go to some of them. That’s when you’ll be able to write from your own experience, and you’ll also meet new people and find great ideas. Maybe people there are talking about something that you haven’t considered yet, and it will make a great blog article. Be all eyes and ears and write down everything you hear!

Also, you can actually review conferences – give people insights, say what you liked, and what you didn’t. Describe how things went – it will help fellow tech persons to decide whether they should go or not.

One of the biggest Tech Conferences is WebSummit, happening in Lisbon, Portugal. It gathers people from all over the globe and from all over the companies (Microsoft, IBM,, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.). Why not invest some money in a ticket and participate? I said  “invest” because you’ll actually pay so that you’ll improve your knowledge and your network. I’m certain that you’ll be back with lots of new, fresh and best IT blogging ideas.


I think technology works at another time because it’s growing and changing so fast that it overcomes us. We certainly can’t keep up with all that is happening, but we embrace it and take it as it is. Given the fact that social media platforms now give the possibility of knowing what’s happening in the world in every minute. Maybe this is also the reason why we feel that there so much happening around us.

I would say that one best it blogging topic can be Tech News. You won’t run out of subjects, that’s for sure. Even if you choose, for example, to write online about programming languages, a good programming blog can include news related to this domain.

There are a number of websites that you can use as inspiration. Harvard Business Review and MIT Technology Review are just two of them.

Here’s an idea on how you can use Tech News for your tech blog:

  • Start with following the best in the niche. Those two websites above are a great option. You can also use Hootsuite to follow various hashtags on Twitter or on Facebook (this feature is free).
  • Keep an eye open everywhere you go. You don’t know where and when you can find some great information. Just act like a journalist and spread your ears across.
  • As soon as you have new information, be sure to check if its true or not. Fake news are a big deal in these days, as it is super easy to spread false information. Most people hit the share button or pass on the information they read without actually checking it. So be different and smart and check multiple sources before you spread some tech news. In case you don’t succeed in finding out the truth, then make a statement and let your readers know that you are not sure of this information. Maybe some of them could help you.
  • OK, you have the right tech information, now how do you pass it on? I would use my Twitter account to share the tech news as soon as I find them. Then, I would pick a day of the week to write a tech news blog post where I would include all the information I gathered that week. You’d struggle writing a 3000-word blog article just about one news information. Maybe you can do it once or twice, depending on the subject, but on a constant basis, this wouldn’t work so well.

Your weekly tech news articles can be transformed into Podcasts or YouTube videos. You’d give your readers the chance to find out what the tech world has been up to not only by reading but also by listening. Maybe most of them are commuting, therefore this would be a helpful option.


Similar to Artificial Intelligence, Startups can be included in the trends section. But because it’s a broader subject, I chose to leave it separately.

I read somewhere that Europe is becoming a whole new Silicon Valley. There is a trend these days: people aren’t interested anymore in doing the soliciting hand working jobs (such as electrician, plumber, constructor etc.). They prefer to start their own business, and this is something that I think its happening all over the world.

I mostly see this in my country, where now it’s extremely hard to find some good men/women that can help you with things like tailoring, plumbing, electricity, car service, constructor etc. Young adults prefer to become their own boss right from the start. So seeing that Europe is becoming a Silicon Valley, I supposed that this is happening in a broader area (at least a bit).

Coming back to our tech blogging idea, writing about Startups can provide you with some good tech articles. What can you do? You can:

  • search for the new startups that appear;
  • write about the ones that caught your attention;
  • speak about the ones that are interesting, but somehow you don’t know how they would work;
  • give ideas on how to manage a startup if you feel confident enough about this subject.

Just like in the Tech News, there are a number of websites that you can read for a daily inspiration. One of them is Indie Hackers.

Besides, there are some Facebook Groups for Startups that you can check out to see if you find valuable information. Out of these 6 best IT blogging topics you can write tens of articles that will make your tech blog be a complete and fun to read one. To sum up, you here are the main best IT blogging topics that you can write about in your tech blog (no matter if you’re a company or a sole blogger):

  1. Tech Trends;
  2. Artificial Intelligence;
  3. Product Reviews;
  4. Tutorials;
  5. Programming Languages;
  6. Tech Conferences;
  7. News in Tech;
  8. Startup World, Tech edition.

Be sure to promote your articles across social media, and to read more about blogging (maybe you’ll find new ideas and tips for your beloved technology blog).

I do have to mention that this list is open – I’ll add new ideas, thus you can also bring new suggestions.