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The Future of Technology Is Hiding on the Ocean Floor

In March 1968, a Soviet Golf II submarine carrying nuclear ballistic missiles exploded and sank 1,500 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii. Five months later, the US government discovered the wreckage—and decided to steal it. So began Project AZORIAN, one of the most absurdly ambitious operations the CIA has ever conceived. The potential payoff of Project AZORIAN was tremendous—a detailed look ... Read More »

Japan Earmarks JPY 8.6 Billion to Develop Genome Editing Technology

Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry is set to strengthen its efforts to develop its own technology for genome editing, by allocating JPY 8.6 billion ($76,995,456 or roughly Rs. 510 crores) over five years from fiscal 2016 to 2020. The technology enables cut-and-paste work in gene modifications as desired. The government intends to efficiently mass-produce medicinal products or fragrance elements ... Read More »

Cube26: Creating a Flux in Mobile Technology For OEMs

Tech Gurus and scientists argue that we’ve just entered the post-PC aeon, where a minority (generally a majority in a third world country) of people are still dependent on traditional desktops and laptops. Checking emails on your smartphone might look like an old thing but who would’ve thought this 20 years ago? So to predict the direction of technology is ... Read More »

Beck Technology launches Beck Friends to disrupt global logistics space

Sending a parcel aboard, regardless of the size of the package, can often be a hassle for the sender – the process is not transparent, there are often issues with the weight of the package, and the charges are often exorbitant. It is to address these concerns that Beck, a start-up that focuses on simplifying global logistics requirements through technology, ... Read More »

Savvy home sellers turn to smart technology

The tight supply of homes for sale across the nation has turned this spring into a strong seller’s market, but not all homes will move, especially if they are outdated. That is why smart sellers are investing in smart technology to lure potential buyers. “That’s your ticket to selling the house,” said Sabine Schoenberg, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based home-improvement expert and ... Read More »

Engineers asked to gain expertise in technology every day

The IFET College of Engineering in Gangarampalayam conducted its 14{+t}{+h}graduation day on April 3 in the IFET campus. Dr. S. Ganesan, registrar of Anna University, Chennai, delivered the Graduation Day address. He awarded the degrees certificates and medals to 28 university rank holders. In his graduation day address, Mr. Ganesan appreciated the parents, students and college management for their support ... Read More »

Toyota partners with Microsoft to make technology simpler

Toyota is forming a new data science company in partnership with Microsoft that’s designed to free customers “from the tyranny of technology.” The company called Toyota Connected has a goal of simplifying technology so it’s easier to use, perhaps even getting rid of distracting and complicated touch screens that now are in most cars and replacing them with heads-up or ... Read More »

BSNL to roll out NGN technology

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) plans to upgrade technology in the new fiscal to provide a host of value-added services to its customers in Prakasam district, according to BSNL General Manager B. Chandrasena. Next generation network (NGN), a verstile platform for broadband, landline and mobile services, will be in place in a couple of months, “Using NGN, customers can shift ... Read More »

NASA ERA Wins 2016 Technology Laureate

Technology development programs usually are lucky if they achieve even their primary goal because it almost always has something to do with “pushing the envelope.” Now imagine having multiple over-the-horizon goals and achieving them all. That is what NASA’s Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) effort did,  one reason why it is the winner of the 2016 Aviation Week Laureate for Technology. ... Read More »

IoT is not hype, but it’s also not some magic technology: Sanjay Sarma

Sanjay Sarma, vice-president for open learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem will work only if security is made part of the architecture and not implemented as an afterthought. He should know, having played a part in developing the radio frequency identification (RFID) prototcol, which can also be used to make ... Read More »