How Artificial Intelligence and Search Engines Work Hand in Hand

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has influenced the search engines optimization industries to a great extent. It’s most widely used in almost every field but least understood my most people. Al is constantly evolving system trained by a lot of data, like content, links, trust, user behavior, and others. The most widely used search engine, Google, comes up with new algorithms which decide the ranking factor of every website.

An update which changed the search engine ranking

If you were to learn more about the search algorithms of the past, you’ll realize they were pretty simple. Just about anybody could reach the top ranking in the search engines by adding a keyword phrase in your main title, alt tags, and write appealing content. This paved way for every organization to compete with others by dropping more keywords;more keywords were forced to squeeze the content.

Google came up with different strategies to provide a better user experience and tackle the black hat SEO practices and misinformed marketers. However, Google’s Penguin 1.0 destroyed a lot of rudimentary tactics and helped to separate the legitimate links from the spam ones. When many black hat SEO practitioners come up with different strategies to fool the AI of search engines, Google comes up with updated algorithms.

How things work in the digital world?

Most people became cautious when they were penalized by the search engines because of following unethical ways to improve their ranking and traffic. Today, content development, link building, and technical SEO are given more importance to optimize their content and improve your SERPs.

Google looked beyond the number of time your keyword phrase appears in an article or website (or simply keyword density). Technical SEO focused more on positive user experience, like your page speed, mobile responsiveness, and the time spent on your site. You must play by the book rather than just stuffing with lot of keyword phrases, it’s suggested that you follow the guidelines of Google webmaster.

Content is king in digital marketing, you’ll increase your website’s traffic and rank better in the search engines with engaging and unique content. You might run of ideas and strategies to edge out your competitors.Most digital marketing executives attend SEO London conferences to come up with new strategies and have some brain storming seasons.

What the future of digital marketing holds in store

Search engines might completely be taken over by artificial intelligence; it will revolutionize how search engine optimizations work. Artificial intelligence in the future will be focused more on providing user needs rather than depending on keywords. Google’s RankBrian is very effective in analyzing a query and provides the most relevant content.

Most people who have been a part of the SEO conferences, like London conferences, will tell you to focus on writing natural and original contents rather than focusing on keyword density. Google or any other search engine will rank a webpage based on the its content. Your site will get more positive ranking signals when you provide engaging contents and best user experience website.