5 affordable accessories to BOOST car safety

Car safety is one of the major things overlooked by the customers in India. While there are many accessories for lifting up the vehicle’s looks and making the vehicle more comfortable, there are a far fewer number of safety-boosting accessories. Here are five of them.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Keeping the tyre at optimum pressure is very important. Low pressure can overheat the tyre quickly and can cause a burst. Higher tyre pressure can cause the vehicle to skid. High-end vehicles come with TPMS preinstalled in the vehicle while only a few affordable vehicles offer the feature.

However, people concerned about the tyre pressure can get aftermarket TPMS. These devices can be fitted on your budget vehicle and can send information directly to your smartphone or device supplied by the manufacturer.

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Rear parking camera plus sensors

A few vehicles offer rear parking camera and a few others come with rear parking cameras. However, both of them are very important to safely park the vehicle, especially if it is an SUV and has a limited view of what’s behind. There are aftermarket cameras and sensors that are available on the market.

Aftermarket camera gives you an idea of where you’re going while a few things like a pole or a big rock may be hidden from the view of the camera, the parking sensors pick them up. Both the features can be installed in any vehicle.

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Heads Up Display (HUD)

HUD may look like high-tech sci-fi gimmick to many but they have a very important role. HUD provides all the information like speed on the windscreen itself eliminating the need to look down to check the speed on the highways. A few modern HUDs also provide navigation information on the windscreen. While only luxury carmakers offer the HUD, there are aftermarket devices available that work just fine. It is one feature that looks futuristic and also provides safety.

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Blind spot mirrors

Most of the times, the external and the internal mirrors are not enough to cover the blind spots behind the vehicle. This can cause catastrophic accidents, especially on the high-speed highways. Keeping a track of things behind is extremely important.

To make life easy, there are blindspot mirrors available in the market that work perfectly for such situations. The small concave mirrors can be fixed on the ORVMs and they eliminate the blind spots.

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Better lighting

While most of the cities have a good amount of street lights to make sure that driving at night is safe, most of the highways lack them. While the stock headlamps are enough for nearly all of the driving condition, there are high powered aftermarket lamps available to make the situation better. You can either replace the stock lamps with better output lamps or add auxiliary lamps to the vehicle. Better bulbs and a wiring kit will cost you about Rs. 2000. Auxiliary lamps start from Rs. 2,000, going all the way up to Rs. 50,000.