30 Under 30 Education 2020: The Young Problem-Solvers Tackling Hurdles From Day Care To Diplomas

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Nearly 20,000 nominations rolled in for the 600 spots in the 2020 class of Forbes 30 Under 30, the ninth-iteration of the annual list. That means a wee acceptance rate and months of sorting and reviewing the most impressive, promising entrepreneurs, innovators and rising leaders in 20 industries across North America.

Perhaps the best way to wrangle such volume of data and variables is by utilizing AI, and two listmakers in the newly minted 30 Under 30 Education category exhibit a handle on that challenge. Twin 26-year-old brothers Meti and Massi Basiri run ApplyBoard with older brother Martin, harnessing the power of technology to assist international students seeking to enroll in North American educational institutions. Applying—and getting a yes—is a complicated process each of the brothers navigated when relocating from Iran to Canada for university. Taking into consideration fees and foreign payments, visas, requisite documents, educational assessments and deadlines, not to mention language and cultural barriers, Martin and Meti saw a ripe opportunity and need to create an Expedia or TurboTax for the international college search. Since ApplyBoard’s founding in 2015, the staff has grown to nearly 300 (including Massi), raised $54 million and last month was named Canada’s fastest-growing technology company.

Ambi.school’s Saad El Yamani Is Taking The Guess Work Out Of Education Administration| 32:37

ApplyBoard’s model caters to students as well as to schools, the latter wanting to attract and reach the best diverse talent from around the world. Longstanding institutions are embracing edtech as middleman. Virginia Tech, for example, signed up with TeachFX, whose cofounder Berk Coker makes the 2020 list. The startup issues per-teacher licensing of its machine learning app that collects and analyzes feedback on classroom discussions, aiming to increase student participation by helping educators track engagement, pauses, even bias.

Teacher-targeted ideas like Coker’s can be hard to come by. Most fellow 2020 listmakers target students and families, like Kiara Butler’s Diversity Talks, an organization that trains high school students to lead their instructors in conversations on cultural competence.

Teachers continue to face great challenges that young, innovative, risk-tolerant professionals like the 30 Under 30 network can undertake to solve. For one, this year brought more teacher walkouts over inadequate compensation and support.

While this cohort hasn’t presented the answer to teacher pay (at least three are former teachers themselves), impressive are their accomplishments and commitment to improving areas such as child care, youth mental health and access for excluded populations.

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The difficult task of choosing just 30 education ideas to spotlight was borne by an esteemed panel of judges, including Storybots co-creator Gregg Spiridellis, University of California President Janet Napolitano, Guild Education cofounder Rachel Carlson and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani.