12 Gadgets Every Beer Geek Needs In Life

There are few things in life as satisfying as pouring yourself an ice cold one. From ales and lagers to stouts and malts, beer is life’s unofficial feel good beverage. And that’s not just because you love kicking back with your favorite IPA. Research shows the taste of beer actually makes us happy. No, really. Just a taste triggers the production of dopamine—a feel good chemical—in the brain, according to said research from Indiana University.

But enough science. National Beer Day is this week people!

Which means it’s the perfect excuse (as if you needed one) to responsibly drink your favorite brewski. In honor of this all-American holiday, we’ve rounded up some essentials any self-respecting beer nerd needs. So raise a pint and start shopping.

The Dispenser

This is a game changer for anyone (as in everyone) who loves a good draft beer. The dispenser pours your beer under pressure, using sound waves to convert natural carbonation into a delicious, creamy foam. The end result? Your can or bottle is transformed into a fresh draft.

The machine works with IPA’s, pilsners, brown ales, stouts, porters, lagers and more. It’s super lightweight and portable so easy to take to your next tailgate. Make sure to stock up on rechargeable batteries since you’ll need fully-powered ones to yield a top-notch foam.

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

BUY FROM: Amazon, $117.90 (Regularly $129.99, 9% Off)

The Carrier

Whether you’re looking to take your favorite craft beer to a tailgate or on a camping weekend, a top-quality growler is a must. Stainless steel is a smart option since it’s durable, keeps your beer cold and prevents light from killing its flavor.

Hydroflask is pretty much the gold standard in water bottles, which makes it a great choice for your beer. This 64-ounce vessel is built with a double wall of insulation to keep beer chilled and carbonated. An easy grip handle makes it a cinch to carry, too.

Hydro Flask Growler

BUY FROM: Dick’s Sporting Goods, $64.95

The Chilling Agent

These beauties are the perfect marriage of aesthetics and utility. Made of granite, they look clean and modern while doing the important work of keeping your beer stone cold. Just stick the coaster set in your fridge or freezer for a few hours and get ready to chill your next round.

Handmade from reclaimed New Hampshire granite, each coaster has a unique color and look so it’ll be easier to keep track of everyone’s beers. The coasters fit most 12-ounce beer bottles.

Beer Chilling Coaster Set

BUY FROM: Uncommon Goods, $68.00

The Head Enhancer

Craft beer lovers know aroma is everything. That’s because a beer’s scent brings out its flavor and complexity. The bouquet is given off as the bubbles in the beer’s head pop. The Sonic Foamer allows you to manage your beer head so you get more flavor. Popular among home brewers, it’s compact, easy to use and has an LED light that brightens your kitchen counter.

Sonic Foamer, Beer Head Enhancer

BUY FROM: Amazon, $29.99

The Pub Glasses

Whether you’re a home brewer or have always wanted to give it a try, these personalized pub glasses will stand out in a crowd of barware. Customize them with your name, year established (as in your home or your family), hometown and a map of your state. Then pour a cold one with your favorite chips and beer cheese dip.

Personalized Home State Pub Glasses

BUY FROM: Personal Creations, $14.99 a glass; $49.99 For a Set of 4

The Bottle Opener

We’re pretty sure this stainless-steel workhorse is the easiest beer bottle opener you’ll ever use. Just place this bad boy over your beer and push down to remove the cap. A built-in magnet holds onto your cap so it won’t fall to the floor. Bonus: If you collect beer caps, you’ll love how this opener loosens the edges without denting or bending each cap.

Easy-Open Bottle Opener

BUY FROM: Amazon, $18.99

The Beer Cap As Art Convo Piece

You’ve seen countless beer cap maps that show off caps by region, but what about a mermaid? Crafted from all natural birch wood, this mermaid bottle cap holder is sure to make waves. It comes pre-drilled with mounting holes so it’ll be easy to hang and proudly display your favorite 41 caps.

Enchanting Mermaid Beer Cap Map Wall Décor

BUY FROM: Wayfair, $45.99

The Beer Saver

Because wasting beer is a crime, you need these silicone caps in your life. If you’re one to nurse a beer or can’t finish your last bottle, these savers will keep your brew fresh overnight. They fit most bottles, look sleek and are a favorite among lightweights and home brewers alike. If you’re a germaphobe, you’ll want to bring them to your next arena concert when you’re carrying multiple beers sans caps—which are removed for safety reasons. Good thing they’re dishwasher safe since you’ll obvs need to wash them stat after the concert.

Silicone Beer Caps

BUY FROM: Amazon, $8.99

The Children’s Book Parody

This tongue-in-cheek picture book is a must for anyone who appreciates a good nightcap. Required reading for craft beer-loving parents, the book is a great intro to everything you need to brew your own beer. Kiddos and adults alike will learn about the brewing process as they say goodnight to the brew kettle, barley and yeast, hops and mash, IPA and more. After a few reads, you’ll undoubtedly start to memorize sections and it’ll quickly become your family’s favorite “pitcher” book (oh yes we did!).

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

BUY FROM: Amazon, $12.78

The #SquadGoals Doormat

In the end, don’t we all share the same goal to chillax on a Caribbean beach with an ice-cold beer in hand? This durable doormat will keep those goals top of mind every single day. Made with natural fibers that help scrape shoes clean, the mat is vinyl-backed to make it extra durable.

Beach Beer Doormat

BUY FROM: Hayneedle, $25 (Regularly $30, 17% Off!)

The Tacky Beer Buddy

Who doesn’t love a beer-drinking parrot? This hand-painted little guy is the perfect combo of bar mascot and conversation piece. Place him at the head of the bar or table, on your porch or kitchen counter cradling your favorite bottle. He’s also a pretty versatile bird so if you live with a wine lover, he’ll proudly carry a bottle of vino, too.

Beer Buddy Tiki Parrot Statue

BUY FROM: Wayfair, $38.99

The Girl’s Night In Tank

Wear this cozy beer lover’s tank to your next girl’s night in. Apart from being a witty way to show your love for beer, it’s also super flattering for just about any body type. We’re talking high neck, spaghetti straps and a relaxed, draped fit. You’re welcome.

Pretty Girls Tank

BUY FROM: Twelve & Faye, $30

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