wire tying machines

Before the invention of body armor, tanks, or guns, soldiers protected themselves by wearing an armor made of wire mesh. This mesh was tightly weaved together in order to prevent sword blades or arrowheads from piercing the skin. Or, if they did, the damage was minimized. And while the mesh armor could be heavy, it protected many armies. The technology was eventually used in items like the aforementioned body armor. And, over the decades, it has been implemented in the design of high-security fencing.

The process to construct these types of fences in the 21st century is done through wire tying machines. Numerous companies manufacture these types of machines. Some of them, like Bergandi, have been producing fence wiring for decades and continue to help the industry by improving on current technology. In the case of mesh fencing, manufacturers are utilizing single/double security mesh wire weaving machines to accomplish this task.

These dual-purpose devices are designed to weave single strand security mesh that is diamond-sized with a diameter that is between 3/8″ to 5/8″. Anything bigger and the security the mesh-wire fence provides would be diminished. Up to six-gauge wire can be used in these machines. This thickness increases efficiency and minimizes waste that smaller gauge wire produces. When put all together, these weaving machines produce mesh sizes up to four inches.

Single/double mesh wire fences are used in a number of industries. In the commercial world, they are used to protect buildings and inventory as their thickness prevents easy cutting or melting. In the manufacturing world, these types of fences help protect workers from dangerous areas where intense heat or cold are taking place. In the military world, these fences are erected to protect bases as well as areas like firing ranges where individuals may get severely injured should they enter the area without permission.

Of course, the creation of these mesh wire fences begins with manufacturer itself. This means reviewing budgets and production floor plans to determine if this type of machine can be utilized for your business. If it is, then you’ll be creating protection not just for an individual solider but for many people or products.