Water Resource Management and Civil Engineering Design

Water is one of the more precious resources in nature and most areas have enacted strict laws to regulate building and operating businesses near public waterways. It is possible to build on or near the shoreline of a waterway, but every precaution has to be incorporated into the design to ensure the water will not become contaminated.

Strict Protections and Regulations for Waterway and Fish Population Preservation

The Seattle area and Pacific Northwest territory are extremely protective of waterways in order to preserve the fish and wildlife that are dependent on clean water. The strict enforcement of regulations is part of an ongoing effort to maintain the desired levels of clean water and wildlife numbers for a balanced ecological system. Much thought and planning have to go into the design of businesses that will be near waterways or could allow contaminated stormwaters to access public water.

How to Address Regulatory Violations

Blatant violations of laws and rules regarding the capture and release of stormwater, sewage lines, and the hazards building can present to the natural surroundings are dealt with quickly. If you find that you have violated regulations in any way, hire a civil engineering firm like Red Barn Engineering to find the simplest solutions to the problems.

Planning to Build Near Waterways

Specific designs will need to be drawn up if you plan to build along waterways. Civil engineers that are familiar with the local regulations will know what it takes to gather the information necessary to ensure your build is safe and environmentally-friendly.

Incorporating Local Agencies and Experts

A local civil engineering firm will work closely with agencies and experts in the area to gather the pieces of information that are necessary to create the right building design plans. All aspects of the build, utilities, and drainage will be taken into account.

Gaining the Right Permits

The application process for permits in areas that are strictly regulated can be difficult. Obtaining the right building permits Seattle will take demonstrating that every facet of the design has been taken into consideration.

It can prove more difficult to build a business on property that is close to or on Seattle waterways due to strict environmental protections. A knowledgeable civil engineering firm will know how to make a build a reality.