Tread Your Path from Cyber Ignorance to Cyber Awareness with Cyware

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Data breaches, internet frauds and scams are not new to us. In the current era, every now and then we hear about such news and feel digital life is not at all safe. As it continues, instead of taking suitable steps to mitigate cyberattacks, common people often blame antivirus security features. One should understand that no software can keep a tab on human activities. Normally, antivirus software is designed to blockknown malware, viruses and trojans.

In order to keep ourselves safe against cyberthreats, we need to change the way we are using our gadgets. Most of us are showing ignorance towards scanning external devices, click third-party links out of curiosity, and leave all our personal details on social media as if there is no tomorrow. How many of us know that this online behavior can create problems? It is nothing but an ignorance towards cyber security and social media safety. Another major example of this ignorance is lack of knowledge about strong passwords and password managers. When was the last time you changed your password? Are you the one who keepsthe same passwordfor all your accounts? What if someone steals your password of one account? Since you keep the same password to all accounts, everything will be compromised.

Keeping strong passwords, not clicking on third-party links and refraining yourself from leaving personal details online is a basic cyber hygiene, which every internet user must follow. Following a good cyber hygiene protects you from potential cyberthreats. Besides, Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) keeps you updated about the latest happeningsof the cyber world which help you understand different threat vectors and emerging threats. Cyware, the comprehensive cyber situational awareness platform is built with an objective to spread situational awareness and help general internet users to know about the different vectors of cyberworld.

Poweredby IBM Watson technology, Cyware scans the internet every day to identify and present vital information,whichevery internet user as well as a professional must know. They understand that for any person or for a team it is impossible to scan the internet and read the articles of real worth. Cyware, with its machine learning tools, made this impossible as possible. Every day, they publish 60 to 70 news cards that talkabout major data breaches, emerging threats, threat actors, hacker tools, new cyber technologies to name a few. All these news cards are presented in a summarized form which can be readily consumedby its readers.

The first-of-its-kind Cyber security app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It can be easily installed in a phone within few steps. A single mobile application can help users to tread the path from cyber ignorance to cyber awareness without any hassle. Download the app now and be cyber aware.