Traffic control barriers

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Traffic control barriers are required at many public and private establishments, especially if you need to control the flow of traffic or require additional clearance before giving people access. There are several customizable options available to you to ensure the barrier is to your preference. These four options presented here can be found at most retailers selling these barriers, such as

Boom Support
Boom support puts less stress on the boom, ensuring that it lasts longer and is more durable against weather or the occasional bump. This can range from something as simple as pendulum support that is affixed to the bottom of the boom, or a supporting or locking post that is installed on the ground. Typically the supports come in neutral colors like white, black or grey.

While the contrasting red and white strips found on most traffic barriers should draw enough attention, sometimes you need the barrier to be a little more visible during the night. Additional lighting will ensure that people can see where the barrier is and lets them know that they need to stop before gaining access.

There are two types of lights. You can choose LED lighted strips that are affixed to the bottom of the boom, or lamps installed on top of the boom. The lamps usually come in yellow, red or orange, but you can buy bulbs in any color.

Traffic Controllers
Traffic controllers, better known as spikes, aren’t part of the barrier assembly, but they often are paired with barriers to provide extra protection against intruding vehicles. The spikes are installed on the ground and shred any tires that roll over them. A security guard will have to manually retract the spikes after confirming that the vehicle has access.

While certainly not needed for every location, this gives you an extra level of security if you’re trying to keep unauthorized people out.

Color Options
Though standard booms come in red or white, it’s fairly easy to get custom colors to match your needs. This isn’t the most common option, but it can help if you want the barrier to match your business colors or to express a certain theme. Along with the boom, this can often be extended to the housing and hood.

Traffic control barriers are a necessity at many public and private establishments. Customizing the barrier to your exact needs ensures security while also adhering to your business’s standards.