Top Places to Sell Your Digital Designs Online

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Digital designs are worth a lot to web designers, marketers and other agencies looking for new graphics, themes, and media. If you make digital designs for websites, apps or other media you can actually turn your time and skills into a nice profit online without much work. That’s because there are many outlets and websites online that will sell your designs for you, or purchase them outright from you. Look into these top places to sell your digital designs online to convert your artwork into cash.

1. Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a popular hub for purchasing custom clothing, bags, and accessories. As a designer you have opportunities to sell your graphics through this vibrant online store. You can start your own storefront on the site and upload your designs so that users can purchase them as prints or on t-shirts, hoodies, and other items.

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a leading stock photo exchange with millions of images and media files available for purchase. You can upload and sell your graphic designers to all kinds of markets through this website. You will get about 25 cents per download using the basic selling system as a beginner on Shutterstock, which can really add up if your graphics gets hundreds or thousands of downloads.

3. WordPress Themes

If you’ve designed themes for WordPress and want to cash in, you should consider uploading your work to the official WordPress Themes market. You can charge users by your own pricing, and offer support for upgrades to encourage more business. The WordPress theme market is a great way to turn your digital designs into funding for your future web projects.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle is a unique web store that can deliver nice profits on your design work. Users can browse the store for products and choose a design to have imprinted using search tags. Upload and describe your digital designs to make money with Zazzle and get your work printed in forms ranging from hats to greeting cards and even electronics. Zazzle is a great way to see your designs brought to life by being printed on everyday items.

5. Themeforest

Designers who create themes and layouts for websites will find a great sales outlet at Themeforest. You can upload your designs to be reviewed and tested by the Envato Marketplace at Themeforest to offer your work to developers and other designers. You can sell themes that work for any major web hosting and platform on the heavily-visited Themeforest marketplace, maximizing your target audience. If you’ve got quality themes for WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS then checkout the developers program at Themeforest today.

6. VectorStock

Vector stock is a great option for designers who want to sell graphics and other digital designs. They only accept vector images, which can put you ahead of the competition if you specialize in vector graphics. Vector stock has several pricing tiers so you can expect anywhere from 10 to 80 cents per download for your art. Another great thing about VectorStock is that many of the buyers there have corporate web hosting with plenty of recognizable websites, so you never know where you may run into your own work on the web.

7. Spread Shirt

Spread shirt is a favorite among online shoppers and graphic designers. You can upload your art to the design database to be included in the general search results that shoppers see. If a shopper likes your design they will buy it from the website and you’ll be sent a commission. This is a great way to put your portfolio to work and earn money from your digital art. Spread Shirt has a diverse community of users so don’t be afraid to upload abstract and off-the-wall designs.

8. ImageKind

This website is a great place to see your digital design printed on real canvas. Many users browse this site for wall art and other decor that will end up proudly on display in a home or office. ImageKind pays you on a per-download consignment basis, and is free for designers to join. If your artwork is approved you can expect payment in as few as 29 days.

9. My Fonts

If your digital designs include fonts then you’re all set to make money with the My Fonts website. All you have to do is create a zip file with your font package and upload it to the site after signing up. As individuals and businesses purchase your font, you will be sent a monthly payment for your contribution to the site.

10. Etsy

Etsy is a hugely popular web store system and marketplace that gives you total control over your sales. Sell digital designs directly to the public by opening your own Etsy store. You can offer paper prints or transfers of your designs, or sell designs on t-shirts and other items. Having an Etsy store is a great way to get a professional look and establish yourself as a top-selling graphic designer. Etsy uses a reliable feedback system to show others that your work is top quality.

These digital marketplaces and design websites will help you turn your hard work into profit. You can consign your work or sell the rights outright to fund your web projects or even make a living online. Sign up for several of these top design markets to see where your work sells the best.