Three Things to Check Before Renting a Commercial Building

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Renting a commercial building is a good choice for newer companies. You can save some money on renting a property instead of buying one, but you also get the chance to see how well that building will work for your company. It gives you an idea of whether you need more space or if your company would do well in a smaller building. Even if you work with an agent experienced in the field of commercial real estate, you still need to check out a few things before signing your lease agreement.

Surrounding Buildings

Always make sure that you check out any surrounding buildings and other things nearby. It’s often helpful to take a short drive around the building at night to get an idea on the overall safety. Though your workers may leave when it’s still light out, you want to know that anything you keep inside will remain safe while you’re at home. This also gives you the chance to learn more about any close neighbors. You can find out whether those companies attract people you don’t feel comfortable with near you office or shop.

Maintenance Records

Very few renters take the time to look over maintenance records, but looking at those records helps you see what you are responsible for and what the owner will cover. You’ll often need to take care of routine maintenance like changing light bulbs, cleaning the building and changing filters. Knowing where to find air filter media suppliers helps you keep that HVAC system in perfect condition. The owner of the property is usually responsible for the upkeep of the building. That owner will need to repair a leak in the roof, broken glass in the windows and weeds growing outside.

Available Storage

Though you’ll likely look at the total amount of square footage that the building has, you need to consider how much of that space you will use for workers and how much you’ll use for storage. You can look at the layout of the building to see how much storage is available. Some commercial buildings have back rooms designed for storing items with a counter or work areas in the front. You may need to figure out how to set aside your own storage space too. When you look at these basic things, you can see if a commercial building will meet the needs of your company.