How Technology is soaring the Growth of Virgin Media

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For a company that has managed to capture a big chunk of UK’s market, there is no doubt Virgin Media is enjoying a great business environment. Over the years, this UK based company has grown at astounding rates. Currently, it serves as the chief alternative to the largely embraced BT. Virgin Media offers a wide range of services and products across the United Kingdom, some of which include high-speed broadband internet, mobile telephones, and landline telephones.

One-stop digital solution

What could be the reason behind Virgin Media’s rapid growth in the recent years? While there might be several reasons, their one-contract form of services seems to be one of their top selling points. Ideally, it boasts of being the first company in the UK to offer internet, television, landline, and mobile services from a single contract. As such, customers do not have to go through the cumbersome process of signing different services for each product or service. As many customers would simply put it, it is the one-stop digital solution to most of the customers’ needs.

Great Customer Care Services

The seamless customer care services offered by Virgin Media seem to be yet another reason why this giant company is hitting it big in this highly competitive industry. Making a quick call to Virgin Media customer care services can be a quick way of resolving urgent issues. While there might be other communication channels, taking advantage of Virgin Media contact number serves as the best way of accessing incredible help. By dialling 0844 776 9670, you will be on your way to receiving incredible support from some of the highly trained customer care experts the digital world has.

There might be several reasons for calling their supportive customer care team, some of which include:

  • Dissatisfaction with services rendered
  • Need to leave feedback after being offered certain services
  • Possible detection of errors in your bills
  • Making general inquiries
  • Need to make payments for bills are long overdue
  • Need to cancel an ongoing service
  • Need to provide alterations to existing personal details
  • Any issues related to Virgin Media account

Many people prefer contacting Virgin Media team via the phone in case of any highlighted issues because it has proved to be one of the most convenient and reliable ways of accessing instant solutions.

Edging Closer to You

Earlier last year, Virgin Media managed to connect a greater chunk of Manchester Northern quarter to ultrafast internet speed access. More than 3,000 businesses were able to tap the unwavering potential of accessing reliable internet at 100Mbps. This follows a similar offer it had already launched in London under which 450 businesses and more than 70 buildings benefited.

With their hands already deep in creating a hyper-connected future, the highly revolutionized tech world seems not so far away; thanks to Virgin Media. Several businesses are already reaping the benefits of its innovations. The number is definitely growing each day; you wouldn’t want to be left out!


Michael Geoduck is an experienced IT consultant. He has worked closely with many media companies. For any inquires related to Virgin media contact, feel free to email him or visit his website.