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Freedom 251 to Come With a Delivery Charge of Rs. 40

HIGHLIGHTS Ringing Bells is holding an event in Delhi today CEO claims 500 service centres ready across India Ringing Bells asks for Rs. 50,000 crore from Digital India funds Noida-based startup Ringing Bells has now announced that the company will begin delivering the Freedom 251 smartphone from July 8. The company says delivery will be made only to 5,000 customers, ... Read More »

Twitter Engage App Released to Serve Celebrities’ Desires

HIGHLIGHTS Twitter Interact app has been Launched for iOS customers. It’s far only to be had within the US for now. The app presents precious analytics to influencers. Social media massive has Released a new app called Twitter Engage on the iOS platform. The app isavailable for down load only within the America proper now. The app is aimed toward ... Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg Appears to place Tape Over His Pc Webcam

HIGHLIGHTS In a photo Zuckerberg appeared to tape his webcam. He additionally tapes the twin microphones on the MacBook. His Pinterest and Twitter debts have been these days hacked. Not so long ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest money owed were compromised bringing again the focal point on excellent practices for Net protection. Zuckerberg of course ought tohave ... Read More »

Fb Signs Deals Really worth Over $50 Million With Media Companies to enhance Live: Report

Facebook Inc has signed Offers Really worth more than $50 million with media corporations and celebrities to create motion pictures for its Stay-streaming carrier, the Wall Street Journal mentioned. Facebook has signed almost a hundred and forty Offers, consisting of with CNN, the Big appleInstances, Vox Media, Tastemade, Mashable and the Huffington Publish, the Magazine stated on Tuesday,bringing up a ... Read More »

Facebook Buyers Approve New Share Class to Keep Zuckerberg at Helm

Fb Inc shareholders accepted a proposal to create a brand new Magnificence of non-balloting stocks, amove geared toward letting Chief Govt Officer Mark Zuckerberg provide away his wealth withoutrelinquishing manipulate of the social media corporation he based. The business enterprise‘s plan to problem “Class C” stocks for each Class A and sophistication BShare held through shareholders, in what is successfully ... Read More »

Nasa to pressure curiosity to capacity Water web sites on Mars

america space organisation is planning to drive the interest Rover towards water web sites at theMartian surface to in addition inspect the long, seasonally converting darkish streaks briny water inside the hope of locating evidence of life. “It isn’t as simple as driving a rover to a ability website online and taking a scoop of soil,” said Jim green, Nasa’s ... Read More »

Nasa Set to test-fireplace Booster for world’s most powerful Rocket

  US space organization Nasa is set to check–fire a booster for the world‘s most powerful rocket spacelaunch machine (SLS) so that you can electricity astronauts on the journey to Mars and on other deeperspace missions The booster might be fired up at Orbital ATK Propulsion systems‘ take a look at centers in Promontory, Utah, at 7.05pm (Indian standard time) ... Read More »

Nasa test Fires Booster Rocket supposed to Hoist Astronauts Into authentic Outer area

HIGHLIGHTS SLS rocket could have boosters along side 4 principal engines Nasa plans to use the mega-rocket for trips to Mars inside the 2030s The debut release from Kennedy area middle in 2018 might not deliver human beings Nasa’s fireworks came early this 12 months with a a hit rocket test in Utah. On Tuesday, Nasa fired a booster supposed ... Read More »

Sony to develop a robot that could connect Emotionally With humans

eastern tech massive Sony announced on Wednesday that it was running on developing a robot which can join emotionally with human beings, and expects to release it soon. this can mark Sony’s return to the market of synthetic intelligence (AI), robots for homes, an area theorganisation pioneered in 1999 when it launched its robot dog Aibo, which it stopped production ... Read More »

IBM’s Watson to assist treat 10,000 US Veterans With cancer

IBM’s supercomputer Watson, recognized for its “Jeopardy” prowess, is teaming up with the branch of Veterans Affairs to try to revolutionize cancer take care of veterans. The VA-IBM partnership is one in all dozens of initiatives being announced Wednesday as part of vp Joe Biden’s all-day most cancers summit at Howard college. different efforts intention to sharply growth thewide variety ... Read More »