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How e-learning is transforming our education system with a tech-driven approach

Technology has today become an integral part of our daily life. It assists us in everything – from shopping, banking, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven portfolio management to learning a new language via an easy-to-use smartphone application. The merits that technology has been transferring to us are simply innumerable. But how effective can it really be in the field of education? ... Read More »

Microsoft Says Its Speech Recognition System Achieves New Accuracy Milestone

Microsoft’s conversational speech recognition system – designed to accurately recognises the words in a conversation like humans do – has reached a 5.1 percent error rate, its lowest so far. This milestone means that, for the first time, a computer can recognise the words in a conversation as well as a person would. “Our research team reached that 5.1 percent error ... Read More »

MIT Researchers Make AI System That Detects Sarcasm on Twitter Better Than Humans

HIGHLIGHTS New AI system can detect sarcasm in tweets better than humans May help computers spot and remove online hate speech, abusive comments Originally aimed to develop a system capable of detecting racist posts MIT scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can detect sarcasm in tweets better than humans, an advance that may help computers automatically spot and remove ... Read More »

City to collect $2.5 million settlement over failed computer aided dispatch system

File photo INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The City of Indianapolis will collect $2.5 million from a contractor that failed to provide a workable Computer Aided Dispatch system for public safety that wildly out promised the capabilities of an untried technology. The agreement with Colossus Incorporated, which took over InterAct Public Safety Systems and N. Harris Computer Corporation, admits no liability for ... Read More »

Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Phone System

As small businesses change and grow, the ability to quickly scale up — or down — becomes a necessity. Adding new employees, for example, requires the company to adapt its phone system to accommodate the need for more lines. That is harder to accomplish using traditional on-premise telephony systems due to higher setup and maintenance costs, the need for hardware on-site and reliance ... Read More »

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Offers to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Home AI System

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Offers to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Home AI System HIGHLIGHTS Mark Zuckerberg sought suggestions for voice of the home AI on Facebook Robert Downey Jr. offered to do the voice if the money went to charity The Iron Man actors reply got over 8,000 likes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got a surprise of sorts when his ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum With Laser Guidance System Launched

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum With Laser Guidance System Launched HIGHLIGHTS It’s priced at CNY 1,699 (roughly Rs. 17,000) It will be available from next week in China It was developed by Mi Ecosystem partner Rockrobo Xiaomi’s diverse portfolio seems to get more diverse with each passing day and on Wednesday, the company announced a robotic vacuum cleaner that goes by ... Read More »

New AI system Beats Human in Aerial fight Simulation

In a breakthrough, an artificial intelligence (AI) gadget has emerged effective in opposition to a humanexpert at some stage in a excessive–constancy air fight simulation. The machine evolved on the college of Cincinnati within the US was assessed by way of situation–remember expert and retired US Air force Colonel Gene Lee – who holds considerable aerial combat enjoyas an teacher ... Read More »

Narayana Murthy calls for Pay-in keeping with-overall performance system in faculties

IT czar N R Narayana Murthy stated market will be the “last decider” of the efficacy of every college. greater From Corporates Alibaba Expects To Double Transactions quantity To $900 Billion with the aid of 2020 Welspun Renewable Acquisition Can Hit Tata energy‘s Metrics: Moody’s Drug charge Regulator issues Notices To corporations For Violating Pricing manipulate Order Havells to raise ... Read More »

Chromecast Audio overview: deliver your vbuiltintegrated audio system a brand new brain

it’s been a touch over years built-ing Google built-introduced the first Chromecast, a reasonably-pricedand easy manner day-to-day any tv integrated your home right into a smart tv. The tintegratedy little dongle has taken the market by means of storm, rackintegratedg up sales of over 20 millionsbuiltintegrated launch. Now, the built-in has replaced it with now not one but two streamintegratedgdevices: ... Read More »