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How a German Social-Media Company Tamed the Trolls

  When German social-media app Jodel was five months old, its founder Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer noticed a potential problem: while more people were logging on, a small number of users weren’t the community he had hoped to attract. They were posting offensive comments and pressuring other users to submit naked photos. Apple Inc. also saw a problem. The naked photos ... Read More »

Social Media, PR and Pizza: A Case Study on Local Community Building – See more at: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/social-media-pr-and-pizza-case-study-local-community-building#sthash.FIBI67be.dpuf

As a digital marketer, I am always on the prowl for the best ways to increase website traffic for my clients, get them ranked higher in search results, create a social media buzz and, ultimately, more foot traffic into their businesses. Getting a business involved and meeting the needs of a community is a sure fire way to do just ... Read More »