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Oculus Connect 4: Rift Core 2.0, 3D Posts, Venues, Oculus Home and Everything Else Facebook Announced

HIGHLIGHTS Facebook held Oculus Connect 4 event on Wednesday The company announced new Oculus Go headset It also announced a range of software improvements and features At its Oculus Connect 4 developer event in San Jose, Facebook unveiled the new portable VR headset called Oculus Go, an affordable VR headset that the company’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring to a billion ... Read More »

Rift Delays Frustrate Oculus Believers

digital truth, oddly sufficient, is not proof against the problems that stand up in sensible truth. simplyask might-be enthusiasts of the Oculus Rift headset, many – probable maximum – of whom arenevertheless looking forward to their $600 (more or less Rs. 39,600) devices greater than four weekswhen they commenced delivery . The delay, certainly, has sparked on line grousing or ... Read More »

Public Outcry Over the Oculus Rift charge Misses the factor

The charge of being an early adopter is regularly very literal – you need to pay a premium to be one of thefirst people within the world to apply new gadgets – once in a while entirely new styles of gadgets. So the sizeable outcry that accompanied the declaration of the pre-order charge of the Oculus Rift virtualtruth headset turned ... Read More »