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Are tech titans teetering atop the market in a dangerous way?

SILICON Valley giants have become a gargantuan force on Wall Street, as demonstrated by Apple recently topping US$1 trillion in stock-market valuation. But should we fear that a new tech bubble is ready to burst? Here are some questions and answers about the sector: WHAT DOES THE TECH SECTOR REPRESENT ON WALL STREET? Apple ended the formal trading week worth ... Read More »

Beware! These Are the 5 Most Dangerous Gadgets in Your Kitchen (One Just Caused a Death)

Everyone knows the kitchen isn’t exactly a safe space. Boiling liquids, hot pans, and sharp knives are everywhere you turn. There’s the food processor and the blender, with their ultra-sharp whirring blades (make sure you unplug the appliance before reaching in with bare hands). The meat grinder can pulverize chunks of meat into a fine pulp; just imagine what it ... Read More »

Panama Papers: Dangerous To Question Legitimacy Of Self-made Wealth: Rajan

Amid a furore over leaked Panama Papers showing Indians with alleged offshore tax haven holdings, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan on Thursday (07 April) warned against a “dangerous” trend of questions being raised about legitimacy of even the entrepreneurial wealth of self-made people. Stating that the debate on illegitimacy of wealth has varied from crony capitalism and the illegal acts of bankers ... Read More »