Stocking Stuffers For The Tech Lover On Your List

A lump of a coal, a package of white tube socks, deodorant and playing cards. These bad stocking stuffers prove that just because it can fit in a stocking doesn’t mean it’s fit for gift-giving.

Don’t underestimate the stocking stuffer. Though individually small and inexpensive, these presents have an impressive impact on the holidays. Choose too many terrible gifts, and your loved one will wonder why you even bothered. And that’s the best-case scenario. At worst, it can sour the overall effect of the bigger gifts left under the tree.

It’s alright if you’ve been a bad gift-giver in the past because of your lackluster stuffers. Nobody’s perfect. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes and adjust your behaviour accordingly. This year, tweak your shopping habits so you can get the best stocking stuffers for the tech lover on your list.

Travel Chargers

When your loved one has plans to travel the world in the New Year, then take inspiration from their globe-trotting ways. If they expect to leave North America, then none of their chargers will fit in the wall outlets of their hostel or hotel.

You can find relatively inexpensive ones that offer attachments for each major outlet region, so they never have to worry about plugging in. Be sure to invest in a universal charger that comes equipped with USB ports, so they can charge multiple gadgets at a time. Complement a traveller’s plug with a home-base charger that offers USB-charging through an AC-charger, and you’ll have solved their charging needs abroad and at home.

Customized decals

If the big gift waiting under the tree is the brand-new Note 8 or iPhone 8, then a customized decal would complement this handset perfectly. A Note 8 or iPhone 8 decal is a tailor-made accessory that wraps around the device to cover its most vulnerable parts. It camouflages the backing, buttons, and bezels in a personalized color or texture of your choosing while adding considerable grip to its chassis.

You can choose from premium designs to create an iPhone 8 decal that transforms the smartphone into a sleeping dragon. You can convert the latest Galaxy into a decadent marble slab with a stylized Note 8 wrap. But these aren’t the only options. Go online and check out the selection of designs available. With something for everyone, you may even decide to deck out your phone as you stock up on these wraps.

Gift Cards

Whatever you’re thinking, know that this isn’t a cop-out. Gift cards are a guarantee against gifts they can’t use, as long as you pick up a card from one of their favorite retailers. As a techie, your loved one will appreciate a gift card from Best Buy or Walmart, but don’t be afraid to branch out.

If the person you’re shopping for loves to binge watch shows, go online and get them a voucher for a streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime are just a handful of examples that offer gift cards around the holidays. If they prefer to spend their free time playing video games, then invest in an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription. There’s a card and denomination for everyone, if you’re willing to look.


While you can drop thousands of dollars on a premium set of headphones, there are a ton of economical options perfect for your stocking stuffer budget. And unless your loved one is a self-professed audiophile, they won’t find any fault in the sound quality of these thrifty headsets.

Your biggest dilemma will be choosing between ear buds, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. Do a little snooping to see which ones they already have. Better yet, use a list like this one to help you choose the best headphones for your loved one.

Power Banks

We could all use a little more energy throughout the day. Too bad we only have caffeine at our disposal. Our tech, on the other hand, can get some juice through a power bank whenever its batteries are running low.

If your loved one is constantly running their battery saver against their will, then it’s time to find a power bank capable of getting their tech through the day. Just as the gift cards above come in different denominations, power banks come in different sizes and battery outputs. Once you start talking about a 13,000 mAh battery, it can get a little confusing, so use this expert list to guide you through battery banks, and you’ll find something perfect for their device and habits.

Compare a power bank, iPhone 8 wrap, and a gift certificate to deodorant, socks, and coal. You don’t have to be a genius to realize which set of stocking stuffers wins out.

There’s a way to win at stocking stuffers, so put that Old Spice stick down and switch out that package of tube socks for a set of decals. Get something they’ll actually want to use, and you won’t fail at gift-giving for another year in a row.