Smart Strategies For A Student’s Success

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What are the different ways a student can be taught or what are the effective ways of studying?

A student must have two types of prior knowledge before studying a subject. First- brief knowledge about the subject and second knowledge about how learning works. Parents and teachers are the best at imparting the first kind of knowledge. Here are some tips and tricks for a student’s success.

Explain it to your brain

Students who use self-explanation during the study hours are more capable of understanding the concepts rather than others. Suppose you are studying about area of trapezium, so while studying the subject create an image into your mind of a trapezium and think about the formula.

Take breaks in between study hours

Sitting in the same place and trying to remain focused on instructions for a long duration of time makes studying difficult. Sitting in the same place for long hours and performing the same task repeatedly can lead to boredom, lethargy or acting -out behavior.  Allow students to take part in fun activities during the class time. Doing this will help to get more oxygen to the brain.

Self – Assessment

Teach students to take self-test. Taking this self-assessment will help them to know where they are lagging or on which chapter they need to put more effort. Suppose a student is scoring less marks in mathematics, ask him to take self-test so that the student can get an idea in which section he/she is scoring less marks.  There is another way of self-assessment, ask students; What question you think your teacher will ask you in the examination? Then provide them a card and ask them to write the questions on one side of the card and answers on the other side of the card. Collect the cards from the students and check the answers, doing these kinds of activities will help them to learn the topics very quickly.

Make study schedules

Always make study schedule so that each and every subject gets equal attention. Making a study schedule will also help you to build confidence and to study at a constant pace. While making a study schedule, make sure you have assigned some extra time to difficult subjects and topics.

Follow the above tips along with some healthy habits to study for your upcoming examinations, you can also ask your friends for a group study. So that each one of you can teach and learn something among one another.

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