Why You Shouldn’t DIY Smart Phone Repair

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Thanks to YouTube and KNOWHOW articles, most of us now think that we no longer need trained professionals for anything. Instructional videos and blogs exist on just about every problem, including smart phone repair. However, there are some repairs that you really shouldn’t try yourself if you value your phone.

When DIY Smart Phone Repair Is a Bad Idea

Software problems are very common with smartphones and most of those can indeed be fixed through a DIY job. Most of the time, all you need to do is uninstall an app and, should it have been one that you actually want it, reinstall it. Doing so will ensure corrupted temporary data has been removed and everything should work fine. However, it is also possible that your phone has been infected with some sort of malware technology and if you have tried all the necessary things such as hard resetting your phone and even restoring to factory settings, yet the problem persists, then it is time to see a professional.

Most of us have at some point or another dropped or phone and caused it to have a cracked screen. However, dropping the phone can cause other problems as well such as breaking the charging mechanism or damaging the speakers. If you notice that your phone may have some more significant issues just after you have dropped it, then it is recommended that you take it to a professional. That is because your phone will need to be disassembled and put back together, which is almost impossible to do without proper and professional tools.

 Of course, the biggest problem most of us experience when we drop our phone is that the screen smashes. Once upon a time, changing the screen over was an easy and quick job to do and you could purchase a new and fully functional screen for a parcel from eBay. Today, however, with touchscreen technology and fingerprint recognition, this is almost not possible anymore. In some smartphones, and the screen is actually the most expensive part of the phone itself and you may find it cheaper to purchase a brand new version of your phone but one models down then to have the screen replaced.

If you have dropped your phone down the toilet, in the bath, or in a pool, and you do not have one of the new water resistant phones, then there are some small things that you could try yourself. Simply allowing the phone to dry in a natural manner, which means leaving it alone for about 48 hours, is always a good idea. Then there are those who believe that putting the phone in a bag of rice will remove the moisture from the inside but it is not clear whether or not that is actually true. If you have tried both and your phone still won’t work, then it is time to go to the Professionals because water damage could actually have fried some of the electrics within the phone itself.