Samsung, Apple, Tecno topped list of mobile brands with highest SOV in Q2 of 2016 – Report

Image result for samsung galaxy s5 priceLatest report released by Teksight edge Limited showing online mentions of mobile phone brands released for May and August 2016 has revealed that Samsung, Apple and Tecno topped the list of mobile brands with the highest Share Of Voice, SOV, in the second quarter of 2016 while Nokia, Injoo and Microsoft appear to be struggling to make a mark in the market. Unsurprisingly, the latter case seem to be prevailing because it is expected that a mobile phone consumer who has used more than two mobile phones in his lifetime is likely to have used devices from at least two different mobile phone manufacturers. Accordingly, the report effectively captured the SoVs of 18 different mobile brands operating across different markets of the world. From the report, Samsung generated the highest conversations month-on-month over competition. The mobile giant’s impressive online engagement figures may be attributed to the launch of its Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy J Series at different intervals across different markets of the world in Q2 2016 bolstered also by the release of its flagship Samsung S7 March the same year (visit Teksight Edge’s official blog to access free version of the full report). Tecno, according to the report launched Tecno Boom J8 and Camon C9 within this same interval in the local market. However, on the global scene, Samsung and Apple enjoyed much stronger aspirational value. Interestingly, while the top mobile brands narrowly edged out Africa’s No. 1 mobile brand Tecno , in share of voice (SOV), the chart revealed the Chinese mobile phone maker rising profile and clever positioning on the international scene. The online media analysis conducted by Teksight edge for this report covered major mobile markets in Africa and the world including Nigeria, Kenya, China, Europe, America, South Africa, Russia, France, Germany, Japan and Korea. Consequently, a look at a chart showing media impression of some mobile brands in Nigeria revealed Tecno as commanding 40% of market’s SoV; surpassing Samsung which is second on the chart. Meanwhile, Tecno, according to the report is estimated to have about 25.3% mobile phone market share across six of Africa’s biggest mobile phone markets that is, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Ethiopia and Cameroon. The Launch of Tecno’s Phantom 6 & 6 plus as well as Apple’s iPhone 7 & 7 plus in September 2016 however significantly changed SOV results in the 4th quarter. For Tecno , the international launch of its flagship Phantom 6 & Phantom 6 Plus at Burj Khalifa Dubai increased the brand’s global competitiveness and value. For obvious reasons, the mobile phone market is a survival of the fittest so brands will either have to continually innovate or gradually fade. Which mobile brands would have boasted the highest engagement figures at the end of fourth quarter 2016? Well, we might just have to wait and see.

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