Rummy Has a Long History, Did You Know?

All the rummy players out there who love every single move of rummy, have you ever looked beyond the fun aspect? This fun game that has helped you pass time and build friends also has a history of its own, did you know? Like all things we know of, even rummy has a history and a story of its own. It did not start in a day and we all know that it won’t end in one either. Here is a glimpse of its history and evolution to its latest version:

Theories About the Origin of Rummy

Cinquain, a popular card game from Spain and Mexico, is said to be from where rummy evolved. This is probably because of the similarity between the two card games.  The game is said to have moved on to America through the Spanish immigrants.

While there is no clear proof, there are theories that tell us that rummy may have evolved from some of the Asian nations. The Mahjong Game in China is nearly a thousand years old. The game resembles rummy in the pick and drop style and rummy could have evolved in China from this very game.

The Portuguese people developed a Japanese Game ‘Hanafuda’, which could also be the origin of Rummy card game.

Nations That Saw It Evolve

The countries that included a game of cards as a part of their culture surely have a major role to play in bringing the game to its present form. France, Italy, Germany, England and Spain are just a few examples of nations that included a game of cards as a part of their culture. The games might have evolved to their present state in one of these nations.

How Indian Rummy Came into Existence?

We all know that the English people brought rummy to India. The Indian Rummy is just a modification of the regular rummy game except for the number of cards used to play the game. Once the game stepped into India, it may have received true celebrity status. The game is player with full enthusiasm by people in most family gatherings and occasions.

The beauty of the game is that it can be easily grasped. It can be played among 2 players or more making it more flexible than several other card games. It is thus a well-loved game in India.

The Next Big Thing: Online Rummy

Whether we accept it or not, the times are changing. The people today barely get time to socialise. This gives you very few chances of playing rummy with friends. So, does that mean the game will eventually die away? Not really! You may just go to sites like Khelplay Rummy and start your own account.

The site is the best place to play rummy online. You can play rummy anytime of the day simply by having a good internet connection. What’s more? If you are a pro in the game, you may even make a few quick bucks playing with money. Now isn’t it exciting?

No idea what rummy will be in the next few decades. For now, just create an account online to enjoy your share of the game.