Rummy Is The Game Of Money Conscious People: Know Why?

Most people in India love Indian rummy. However, not everyone has mastered the game like the money conscious people. So, what makes money-conscious people better rummy players compared to the rest? Here are some simple reasons listed out that will help you know better:

Money Conscious People are Organised, So Are Rummy Players

A money minded person knows that a disorganised life is a straight way to wastage. That si why a money-minded person will also make sure he is well-organised. He will plan all his finances as soon as he receives the salary so that all important things are covered.

This is the same with a good rummy game player. He knows that he should first arrange all the cards in a peculiar fashion so that all the jokers are on one end of the hand and the cards to be disposed are on the other end. The probable sequences and sets are placed in the middle.

Money Conscious People Know Well When Not to Take Risk

Since money conscious people fear losing money for no reason, they strictly avoid risks. They always make sure they play safe. They spend money after assuring that they have got the best bargain. This is the same with good rummy players. They know taking a risk may mean a bigger loss. That is why, as soon as the cards are distributed, they check their chances of winning the game. If they think the chances are bleak, they fully avoid playing such a game and rather pass at the beginning of the card games.

Money Conscious People Focus on Managing Basic Necessities First

When you wish to get the best out of your money, you will prioritize the expenses. You will always spend first on your basic necessities and then switch to other expenses. A good rummy player is really no different. He will first focus his attention on creating the life. He will play to make sure he has his pure sequence and real sequence ready. Before these two are ready, he won’t try to create sets or other sequences.

Money Conscious People Don’t Waste on Luxuries

You will never find a money-conscious person spend on a car or a hotel meal when he hasn’t paid household bills yet. The first sign of a money-minded person is that he gives luxuries in life the least priority. This is same as a good rummy player. After he creates the life, his attention is fully occupied by disposing the high point cards. He will never try creating sets with high point cards. He will instead dispose off high-point cards and face cards to replace them with low point cards. He does this so that his points are reduced even if someone else calls it rummy.

Money Conscious People Know Value of Others’ Time

If you have a money-minded person is your playing cards group, observe how he values others’ time. He knows the importance of time as time is money. He will never let you wait for his turn to get over by taking too long. He will know how to time his moves without boring others. This trait is what makes him a good rummy player.

If you think you still need to practice to gain expertise in the game, go for rummy app for android by Khelplay Rummy and practice the game.