Reasons for Supporting Employees Who Wish to Pursue Postgraduate Studies

Some of your employees might start thinking about going back to school to pursue a postgraduate degree. It might seem like a terrible idea if you don’t want to lose employees. If they want to pursue full-time study, your instinct is to say no. It could take a while, and it might not benefit the business. Before you say no, you have to realize the potential benefits to your company. You should also see the risks of saying no.

You could lose a valuable employee

If your employee already decided to pursue a degree, you can’t do anything about it. Whether you agree or not, the plan will push through. If you say no, the next option is to leave the job. Imagine what that person could learn from formal studies. You lose that chance because you preferred resignation over agreeing to study leave. If several employees requested study leave and you declined all of them, it could have negative repercussions on your business. You will lose lots of assets, and someone else can use them.

Studying will enrich their knowledge

Your employees decided to leave, not for leisure purposes. It’s about pursuing their study in a field that could be in line with your business. The knowledge gained from the course and research could help your company in the long run. The information could boost your business and make it more adaptable to changes. Since you let go of your employee, you can’t maximize this information anymore.

It shows you care

When you decline the request to pursue the studies, your primary reason might be finances. You don’t want to pay for someone who won’t make immediate contributions to the business. It reveals how short-sighted you are, and to a certain extent, selfish. When you show support, it’s proof of how much you care. You’re willing to sacrifice an employee who will be away for a while to fulfil a dream. You can show support in different ways, and agreeing to this setup is one of them.

You’re helping mould a good leader

You won’t stick around forever. Eventually, you have to let go of your post and allow someone else to take the lead. You want to have the best people on your team. When the employee leaves for studies, it’s not only about the specific area of interest. It also helps boost self-confidence and leadership potentials. You can expect a better person to come back to work with you. If asked to present information or pitch ideas, you can count on this employee to do well.

You can even further your support by investing in a holder for the projector on the ceiling. It helps make presentations more convenient and easier to understand. It’s a worthy addition to the meeting room.

As a leader, you have to show that your employees matter to you. Their future should also be a part of your conversations. Always invest in the best interest of the people who serve as the foundation of your company.