How to Meet OSHA Compliance On Electrical Safety Training

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There are many hazards that exist in an industrial work setting, or even out in the field. Electricity is one area that has to be dealt with if you have employees that are in close proximity or deal with equipment that regularly runs high voltage. Staying in compliance with OSHA training regulations should be a priority for every business owner.

Electrical Hazards in the Workplace and in the Field

Working with equipment powered by electric and handling items close to electrical lines, generators and other high voltage sources poses a risk to anyone that is uninformed of particular dangers. The risk of electrocution or burns is an ever-present possibility. Heavy equipment used out in the field can come close to, or make contact with power lines. Electrical tools, generators, and other industrial equipment can also pose an electrocution hazard. Employees are required to have basic training in electrical safety to reduce the incidences of injury and death.

Arc Flash Incidences

An arc flash incident happens when an employee becomes grounded and is hit by a high level of electricity. It causes serious burns, electrocution and may lead to death. It can even jeopardize the safety of the buildings and other emp0loyees through the possibilities of fire. Education employees in the dangers of an arc flash are critical.

Increased Safety Through Knowledge

Many of the injuries that happen involving electricity can be avoided through proper knowledge and training. The training should be customized to deal with the particular hazards associated with each industry to be truly effective.

Meeting Electrical Safety Compliance Demands

OSHA oversees the investigations of all workplace injuries that involve electricity. There are compliance rules and regulations in place that have to be followed. Every employee needs to be familiarized with these regulations and given knowledge in how to safely carry out their daily duties.

NFPA 70E Training

NFPA training is comprehensive in dealing with electrical hazards within a structure and dangers out in the field. It will help employees identify when there are safety problems that require immediate maintenance. You can professional trainers cover every aspect that directly impacts your business for the protection of assets and employees.

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