Marketing text message templates

8 Text Message Examples You Can Send to Customers | SimpleTexting

Each company chooses specific marketing strategies to increase their sales and customer loyalty to their brand. The most popular technique is bulk mailings sent to mobile phones. The SMS marketing campaign created with BSG will undoubtedly show a decent result. You just need to follow the guidelines to help you create an original and strong message that will interest your potential customers. You can use the service, which will help you to create an effective promotion campaign.

To write texts from scratch, you need to study a template designed to create interesting newsletters. The first thing to pay attention to when using SMS texting marketing is literacy. If appropriate, you can shorten some words or use jargon, but in a way that makes your message easy to read. Many clients may not be familiar with the specific terminology of your work, so you need to adjust the amount of difficult words.

Step-by-step recommendations for creating a mailing list

If you decide to use SMS marketing, start with the following steps:

  1. Write the name of your organization. Users need to know who is the author of the mailing list. And if you have several offices throughout the country or the world, don’t forget to include the address of your actual location. This will allow your potential customers to contact your company and, if necessary, get personal advice.
  2. Offer a unique promotion to your regular customers. They are already interested in your products or services, and interesting offers will make your company even more attractive in their eyes.
  3. Describe the conditions for obtaining discounts. You can offer them to order a certain amount of items and get free shipping. You should also indicate the minimum amount they need to get bonuses in the form of small gifts or other goods at reduced prices.
  4. Indicate the duration of your promotions. The sooner the next exclusive offer ends, the higher the likelihood that users will react to it.
  5. Include a call to action in your text. It should be backed up with a shopping link or signup page, depending on what you expect your customers to do.

A well-chosen text message marketing strategy will lead to a rapid increase in conversion rates on your site. Users interested in receiving mailings will quickly learn about your most popular news and changes in the work of your organization. And using tools for automatic mailings will allow you to customize the time of sending each message.