Are you in Love with Numbers? Career Prospects after M.Sc. in Mathematics

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Mathematics is perhaps the most primitive subject which has its roots deep driven into the human civilization. Since the day Aryabhatta incorporated the concept of zero, Mathematics has never stopped progressing.

In earlier days, the only progress in mathematics was as a subject or domain but when scientists started to implement mathematics for the analysis and computation of other subjects such as physics, chemistry, astronomy and much more, its prominence started rising exponentially.

Calculations are more like addictionto people who love mathematics. Organizational concepts such as abacus have pioneered the path for students who are in love with numbers. If we consider the scope of mathematics, it is a well-known fact that this subject is almost never-ending. Sections such as Vedic Mathematics are untouched and there are few scholars in India who can teach an individual the same.

However, to consider the positive side, there are a lot of individuals aspiring to study this subject to pursue a career in same.

What is the next step for Mathematics lovers?

After 12th grade, one can directly follow the track to embrace mathematics as a core subject in higher studies. B.Sc. in Mathematics is perhaps the first and best step to achieve success in this domain. This course helps an aspirant to view mathematics with a different perspective which helps them determine whether he or she is suited for the role or not.

After completion of a B.Sc., one can opt for M.Sc. in Mathematics that gives a perfect platform to polish and cherish one’s already acquired skills in the same field. According to sources, more than a several thousands of students in India aspire to pursue their higher studies in Mathematics.

M.Sc. in Mathematics ensure that the candidate pursuing it will have a strong-hold in this domain and he or she will be aware of the fundamental as well as analysis and implementation sections of it. Beginning from the inception, this 2-year M.Sc. in Mathematics teaches the modern day theoretical analysis as well as modeling.

The scope of M.Sc. in Mathematics in India:

After the completion ofM.Sc. in Mathematics, a few people prefer to go for higher education in the same domain while others prefer to avail the job opportunities.

The opportunities for higher education after M.Sc. in Mathematics:

The best option, in this case, is to go for a Ph.D. course. This way, one can have the ultimate access to the field of research. The research sector in this domain requires a large number of talented as well as professional individuals. After M.Sc. in Mathematics, one can go for Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy courses in the same domain or in the sub-domains. Some popular options in this zone can be given as follows:

  1. Master of Philosophy in Mathematics
  2. Master of Philosophy in Mathematical Science
  3. Master of Philosophy in Maths and Statistics
  4. Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Maths and Statistics
  7. Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

Apart from these regular courses, one can proceed to study the subject at an even higher level or he or she can pursue a specialization in the sub-domains of Mathematics such as Vedic Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics among others

The possible job opportunities after pursuing M.Sc. in Mathematics in India:

Having anM.Sc. in Mathematics solidifies anyone’s base of education and after this, one can opt for a large number of opportunities. We have enlisted a few of those below with details:

  1. Jobs in government sector:

The Reserve Bank of India and several other banks have vacancies for candidates who have pursuedM.Sc. in Mathematics for job profiles such as that of Statistical Data and Research Work Analyst. However, it is recommended that one should pursue a higher education course in statistics to increase their chances of getting hired.

Such candidates also have the scope to get hired in Indian Defense Services and are chosen on the basis of entrance examinations. Apart from this, there are opportunities available in government universities for the profile of professor. One can also continue with his or her research work through examinations such as GATE or NBHM. The minimum salary which a fresher can expect is INR 30,000 in any government institution for a teacher. For a professor in NITs or IITs, the minimum salary is INR 80,000. For a fact, Mathematics always has a high demand so one can get a lot of opportunities in this field.

  1. Mathematician:

An ultimate research can even earn you the title of a Mathematician. In this case, the person needs to deal with the real-life problems being faced in this domain and come up with a feasible solution which can be implemented worldwide. Mathematicians work in close associations with the research wings prevalent in India and can expect a minimum salary ofINR 1 Lac, subjected to increase with experience and expertise.

  1. Teacher:

The job of a mathematics teacher is always in demand and so, its importance cannot be neglected. This is why one can opt for becoming a teacher in the same domain in any reputed academic institution. With the growing trend of deemed universities and private institutions, the demand for teachers has increased. They can have a job security and enjoy a good salary package, the minimum of which is estimated to be INR 3 Lacs per annum.

  1. Operations Research Analysts:

These group of people are the pain-relievers in any real-life problems. Through their mathematical or statistical models, they help various organizations. The best opportunities in this domain is of becoming a Quantitative Risk Analyst, Treasury Management Specialist among others. The scope in this job profile is increasing day by day and one needs to be extremely talented and hard working to grab such opportunities. With ultimate job satisfaction, one can earn an average amount of INR 3.5 lacs per year.

  1. Software Engineers:

It is obvious that in this era of automation, there is a lot of scope for software engineers. One can also join such a field after having expertise in mathematics. The minimum salary which one can expect is calculated to be around INR 4 Lacs per annum, and increases with experience and expertise of the individual.

Other significant job opportunities include the following:

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Computer System Analyst
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Opportunities in Economic Research Firms
  5. Opportunities in Social Research Institutes
  6. Opportunities in Manufacturing Firms.
  7. Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Companies

The minimum salary for the above-mentioned opportunities is estimated to be around INR 3 Lacs per annum. In a nutshell, M.Sc. in Mathematics instigates an individual to be skillful and thus he or she can grab the best opportunities coming up the way to him or her.

The best academic institutions offering M.Sc. in Mathematics:

It is obvious that Indian Statistical Institute(ISI) and Chennai Mathematical Institute(CMI) are undoubtedly the best organizations offering higher course prospectus in Mathematics. They only admit candidates who crack their respective written examinations. Apart from these, other institutions such as Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Harish Chandra Research Institute, Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research are the best options to pursue M.Sc. in Mathematics. According to resources, these institutions hold an equally great reputation in terms of placements.

The IITs also conduct courses in Mathematics but usually, they are integrated courses of 5-year duration. Prominent institutes such as IITs, NITs as well as IISER provide higher research options after M.Sc. in Mathematics, with a high stipend which corresponds to almost INR 3 Lacs per annum. According to sources, CMI holds a good reputation in terms of placements as well.

There are ample opportunities available for anyone who is in love with the subject, they just need to nurture the interest in a way that it brings good results. Proper knowledge and interest in Mathematics can let a person reach greater heights and success. The dream of working in ISRO as well as other reputed organizations can be true if one just tracks his or her performance and follow the correct path after pursuing M.Sc. in Mathematics.