Locking Your Smartphone from Intruders

Children have become addicted to Smartphones these days. Hardly anyone goes out to play with their friends. But, when time is of the essence, it is essential that you stop your child from using the phone and asking him to pay attention on books. Moreover, it is not good to keep your phone unlocked because intruders are everywhere and they can hack into your phone and get important information from it. That is totally unacceptable and you should do something to protect your phone from the hands of unknown strangers. Using a simple lock is sometimes not enough to keep your phone protected. An app lock is required to protect the phone and there is no better app than LEO Privacy Guard. Millions of customers are already using it with incredible satisfaction.

Impressive themes

The user interface of LEO Privacy Guard is simply outstanding. To add to its features, it has introduced mind blowing themes that will make the app look completely different from others. In fact, this has been a talked about feature in the review LEO Privacy Guard. Users have found the themes to be quite intriguing and with the two modes available, you just cannot afford to not use this app on your phone. When you switch the Home mode on, you will be able to lock all the apps and do whatever you want. It will be for your personal use. On the other hand, if you are giving your phone to your child or someone else, you can switch over to the Guest mode. This will automatically hide the important files, photos and videos that you do not want others to see. Apart from this, you can also create Modes of your own, but you will not be able to combine the features of different modes in one single mode. It will be more like creating a new profile.

Position lock and more

Another feature that has helped thousands of users is the Position Lock. This feature will help connect To Wi-Fi, but that will be done according to the mode that you select. The guest mode will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi whereas you will be able to in the Home mode or in other modes that you have created. Locking social networking apps will be easier than before. All you need to do is select the networking apps that you want to hide from others and lock them by opening the LEO Privacy Guard app.

Beauty of fingerprint

Amongst all the other features, one feature that is completely different from others is the Beauty Cover and Fingerprint. If you search online with review LEO Privacy Guard, you will find people appreciating the usefulness of this feature. Even if you have left your phone unattended for a while and someone tries to do something fishy, the phone will capture an image of that person in disguise. This will let you know who tried to use your phone when you were not there. This secrecy has been recently added and has benefited many.