Last Minute Revision Tricks To Crack NEET 2017

NEET 2017 is just a week away and, no matter what and how you have prepared in the last two years, you are desperately yearning for some last minute tips and tricks to hack this exam and be one of those few to fill the coveted medical seats in some of the top medical colleges in the country. NEET is an even bigger now after the government’s decision last year to replace all state PMTs with it in order to ensure that all medical colleges are under the purview of one single entrance exam. While this has resulted in an increased number of seats to a certain extent, it has also resulted in the exam being a lot more competitive as you have to now compete with lakhs of other students on a pan India level! This is not to dishearten you but it is to help prepare you for what is to come. Besides, NEET is just another exam that can be hacked and cracked with a few tips and tricks.

With just a few days left for the exam, you must be wondering if there is anything left to be done in these few days that will make a difference to your performance in the paper. There actually is! You will be surprised to find out these simple hacking tips that will show you how to improve your NEET score and basically how to score higher in NEET.

Take a look at the following revision tricks to crack NEET in one straight shot! Don’t believe us? Read on!

Make Sticky Notes

This technique may sound old school but it works. Make some sticky notes as you revise your important formulas or important points. Stick them up in places where you will see them even when you’re not studying like the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door, etc. This will work wonder son your memory.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

We can’t stress this enough – solving previous years’ papers will help solve many pain points simultaneously like exam pattern, important topics and concepts, marking scheme, etc. So do it!

Online Mock Tests

Nothing can help you improve your test taking skills better and faster than online mock tests. These tests are specially designed to test not just your knowledge but also your skill to optimally attempt the paper in the given time.

Think Positive

This is the most crucial step from the beginning of your preparation till the moment you finish writing the exam. You have played your part and you better believe it. You have done what you could and you need to believe that it is enough to crack this exam. No matter what, do not let any exam beat you down, but you should be able to beat and kill the exam.

Following the above steps can be helpful and extremely instrumental in your preparation to crack NEET successfully with just a few days left!

Fret not, chin up and walk on! You have what it takes and you can do it! All the best!