How Integrating Newegg CRM Can Spur Cross-Channel Sales

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Newegg is widely considered to be the most robust technology marketplace online. Aside from featuring the top products and solutions, often offered at lower prices than competing stores feature, it also lets retailers host their own online store, too; acting as a marketplace solution in tandem.

Getting your online store up on this marketplace doesn’t require rocket science. However, if you truly wish to expand the customer relationship and get more sales and conversions, you’ll also want to look into Newegg CRM software, too. Here are a few reasons why it can help power your cross-channel data,so you can get more sales.

Learning Shopper’s Behavior

Newegg is a great place to sell your wares, but it does not provide much in the form of customer relationship management or sales and behavior data. This is where a CRM system can help. With the right software, you can create elaborate customer profiles that help you better connect with and learn your customer’s habits. Use this information to improve sales campaigns to generate more revenue.

Predicting Large Sales Events

When it comes time for your next big marketing push, CRM is certain to help. Knowing what people are buying the most, and what they are returning the most, is something that Newegg won’t really tell you. But CRM will. This helps you create a better and more effective marketing event, like your annual sales, holiday sales, and more, so you can increase revenue generation while reducing the time spent guessing on what you should be marketing.

Reducing Returns, Improving Profits

People are going to return things. Studies show that about one-third of all online products are returned. If you have a system helping you reduce returns, you can make more money with less effort or risk. For example, a CRM system may find that certain customers are likely to buy the products you are offering on sale, but also may have the highest likelihood of returning those products, too. With this kind of analytical data at your fingertips, you can create lists of customers who almost never place returns. Now you can sell more and refund less while still appeasing customers.

Enhancing the Customer Relationship

Customers are earned. They are the best form of prequalified leads ever. But many ecommerce retailers do nothing to reel in these customers for future purchases. Newegg CRM software can help you expand that relationship, so you don’t overlook a potential sale ever again. Instead of guessing about sales, you can know. Instead of wondering who is buying what, you already know. You can then use this data to nurture relationships, resulting in more powerful marketing pushes.

As you can see, there are ample reasons to consider adding a sales channel like CRM to your Newegg store. Most systems start at low monthly prices and can connect your entire back office team. Many have built in features like calendars, messengers and even project management tools to make your busy life a little bit easier to manage, too.