Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Sales: Gadgets 360 Writers Pick Their Favourite Deals

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Sales: Gadgets 360 Writers Pick Their Favourite DealsFlipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Sales: Gadgets 360 Writers Pick Their Favourite Deals
The Deals Season is Showering Amazing Offers Upon Us
Team Gadgets 360 Pick Their Best Deal
Grab Them Fast, Before The Deals Expire
It’s been a crazy first week of October this 2016, as major ecommerce players are firing all cylinders with deals, in a bid to win customers’ hearts (and to clear out old inventory). We’ve told you how to go about finding the best deal, if the sale season is a good time to buy a gadget, and the best deals themselves. Now it’s time to hear from Team Gadgets 360, what they thought, were some deals worth grabbing. These are words from people who are drowned in technology for a better part of their lives, and we thought it’ll be interesting for our audience to know what they’d recommend.

Gopal Sathe — Xbox One with Kinect at 46% discount
It’s an Xbox One at half price. If you haven’t already picked up a gaming console this generation, it’s a great deal. They’re clearing out old stocks, sure, but that just means you get a really good deal.

Price: Rs. 24,990
Link: Amazon

Tasneem Akolawala — Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for Rs. 22,700 off
The MacBook Air might be a typical recommendation for a thin-and-light laptop for about Rs. 60,000, but the heavily-discounted Surface Pro 4 caught my eye as an interesting alternative. The specs might not be suited for heavy-duty work, but basic computing should work just fine. Interestingly, this tablet is a full-blown Windows 10 computer that also comes with a stylus in the box. Fair warning: the keyboard and touchpad combination are sold separately, so you’ll have to factor that in, if you want to use it like a laptop.

Price: Rs. 58,890
Link: Amazon

Abhinav Lal — 38 Percent Off Logitech G430 Gaming Headset
Great gaming headphones, at a great price. They are lightweight, pretty comfy, feature Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and, work with the PS4 apart from Windows.

Price: Rs. 4,980
Link: Amazon

Roydon Cerejo — iPad Air 2 64GB for Rs. 31,900
The iPad Air 2 is a neat device to have around the house, especially if you’re into streaming video content, say from Netflix. Also, 64GB should be plenty for most and with the right case, it could double up as a laptop replacement for light workloads.

Price: Rs. 31,900
Link: Flipkart

Rohan Naravane — Motorola QuickCharge 2.0 Car Charger for under Rs. 1,000
I bought this for Rs. 999 a few months ago, and at Rs. 899 now, you can’t go wrong with this one. Considering a reasonable number of phones now support some kind of fast charging, having one that supports up to 25W of output is a must-have in your car. You can also charge two phones at once with a spare USB port (albeit not as fast) and the build quality is good.

Price: Rs. 899
Link: Flipkart

Pranay Parab — Rs. 5,500 off on TomTom Cardio Spark Plus Music
It’s a pretty good watch for runners that can play music, as we noted in our review. It’s great at tracking runs and you don’t need to carry your smartphone with you for music – just pair your Bluetooth earphones with the watch.

Price: Rs. 16,499
Link: Amazon

Akhil Arora — Zootopia Blu-ray at Rs. 649
Ask any movie fan, and they will tell you it’s been a terrible no-good summer for tentpole fixtures, right from the dawn of Batman v Superman to the terrible chemistry behind Suicide Squad. Thankfully, Disney gave us the fantastic anthropomorphic-mammals buddy comedy Zootopia back in February, which apart from being the perfect movie for both kids and adults, also served to reflect our current political climate.

Price: Rs. 649
Link: Amazon

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Jamshed Avari — Seagate Expansion 1.5TB Portable HDD at 26% off
I’m always running out of space to back up all my stuff, so the occasional hard drive purchase is an absolute necessity. This year’s discounts aren’t that deep but it’s worth picking up one or two when prices are a little lower than usual. This Seagate model offers 1.5TB of storage for Rs. 4,299 which is just Rs. 100-200 more than most 1TB drives cost, but offers 50 percent more space. The three-year warranty doesn’t hurt either.

Price: Rs. 4,299
Link: Amazon
Sanket Vijayasarathy — Mi 10000mAh Power Bank at 31% off
I needed a power bank and the discount was quite tempting. This new 10,000mAh powerbank is roughly the size of the previous generation 5200mAh unit from Xiaomi, but packs double the capacity. Plus the aluminum build feels nice to hold.

Price: Rs. 899
Link: Amazon

Ketan Pratap — D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router at 59% off
It’s a decent home router and offers connectivity to the farthest point at home. Have been using this one for two years now and never faced an issue. I bought it at Rs. 2,200 so it’s pretty great deal.

Price: Rs. 799
Link: Flipkart

Ali Pardiwala — Sennheiser HD598 CS at 63% off
The Sennheiser HD 598 CS is an excellent pair of classic headphones that ordinarily cost a lot more than this. A great pair of high-end headphones at a mid-range price, the headphones make a lot of sense for listeners looking for great sound along with comfort and quality design.

Price: Rs. 6,999
Link: Amazon

Sandeep Kumar Sinha — Rs. 6,000 off on the Lenovo G50-80 (80E502Q8IH) Laptop
I was waiting for this sale to buy a basic laptop for my brother. This laptop usually retails around Rs. 27-28K, and was available for as low as Rs. 23,999 during the deal days. It ticks all the right boxes for a basic machine. Moreover, there are ample Lenovo service centres, so there is little to worry about after sales service.

Price: Rs. 24,519
Link: Snapdeal

Rishi Alwani — Doom for PS4 and Xbox One at Almost 50% off
Doom lets you play as a space marine. Not just any space marine, one which has the demons running away in fear. So much so that they locked you up in the event you find your way back to commit wanton acts of hellish genocide. The satanic minions have labelled as the Doom Slayer – the destroyer of hell itself, which is every bit as empowering as it sounds. From punching imps in the face to blowing up cyber demons with a rocket launcher, Doom is a big, bloody, violent, gore-fuelled romp with few equals and none of them from this generation of consoles. At launch, my only grouse was its price and that’s been rectified. Definitely one of the best games of this year and finally well worth diving into if you have a PS4 or Xbox One.

Price: Rs. 2,390 (Xbox One) and Rs. 2,139 (PlayStation 4) Link: Amazon

Gagan Gupta — Deadpool Blu-ray Disc for under Rs. 600
I’ve been waiting to pick up the Deadpool Blu-Ray ever since I saw the heavily censored version in theatres. At this price, the Blu-Ray is cheaper than the Google Play buy price (for the HD version). And despite the censor board stamp on it, my experience with Blu-Rays is that they’re usually unaltered from the international edition, so my second watch should be okay.

Price: Rs. 539
Link: Amazon

Shubham Verma — Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Disk Drive
I have had an eye on external hard disks since a while to spot a good deal on them. No sooner did Amazon make the Western Digital HDDs available at a discounted price than I headed to grab not one but two of them for as low as Rs. 5,849 each. Anyone who is looking for decent high-volume external hard drives can buy WD 2TB HDD from Amazon as a part of exclusive Lightning Deals only.

Price: Rs. 5,999
Link: Amazon

Devika Chitnis — MacBook Air 13 inch for About Rs. 21,000 Less
Only if I had been patient enough to wait for the festival offer, I would have saved 21,660 rupees. Sadly, that’s not one of my strengths. Nonetheless, the MacBook Air for years has been a great workhorse, and now thankfully comes with 8GB RAM. This thin-and-light 1.4 kg Mac has one of the longest battery life in any laptop. There’s an additional Rs. 1500 cashback on HDFC credit and debit cards, over and above the discounted price.

Price: Rs. 59,975
Link: Amazon

That’s it, Happy Shopping! Do remember that the prices and deals mentioned were valid at the time of publishing this article, and with time they are subject to change. So act fast if you’re interested.

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